weekend sailed by
It's been a busy weekend! Yesterday I finished up work and then went to the mall with Paul to get him some more work clothes. I looked for myself, but everything is so horrible and 80's. ick ick ick. See my previous post about all that!

Then we rented
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, great movie. We really enjoyed it. Tommy Lee Jones is incredible.

Today I cleaned the house, then I worked on packing up as many supplies as I could to ship ahead to
my workshops in Arizona. There's still room in the Phoenix classes if you'd like to attend! So far I have about 25lbs. of stuff to ship. I need to get as much sent ahead as possible to avoid luggage fees from the airline. I'll be flying America West and they charge $80 if your bag is over 50lbs. Crazy! Most airlines charge $25, but $80, that's a lot!

I also packed up some
commissions to send off too. So now I am tired from all the packing! Whew!

Now, Paul and I are off to my Mom and Dad's for a little visit. We'll be bringing Toby who loves a trip to their house. My mom feeds him freshly cooked chicken and he goes crazy!

ha ha, how cute!!!!
I just saw that movie too. So good, wasn't it? It was painful to watch, yet I couldn't stop. Tommy Lee Jones is quite the director/actor.
relax comes much to soon...I recently had a commisioned piece of work for my doodle-people rejected!!! That has not happened normally they love them...has that happened to you? Rejected by a client?

sorry to hear about that! Couldn't you just revise it and then your customer would be happy.

for the Canvas commissions there is a review phase before I complete it so we can iron out any changes there.

For the sketches there is no review phase but people have a pretty good idea what they will get from the examples.

So far so good!
Hey you are poppin up all over my favy places!!
I like your little collage of sailing away with the weekend. I loved the 3 Burials--what a great movie!
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