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Paul wanted to play around with our video editing software, so we filmed this demo of me creating a Poppet® Sketch. This was recorded on our Kodak Digital Camera in movie clip mode. (it's approx. 9 minutes long)

See if you can see Mabel walking around in the background!

Here's the finished artwork:
Wow, I'm amazed at all your accomplishments! I like your techniques, and am wondering if you've ever tried animating your characters? I bet that would be fun & interesting! I really appreciate your compliment on my recent work! It's one of the first pieces I've posted I'm 100% pleased with! Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!

thanks so much for your sweet words! I have tried some very basic animation and turned them into postcards:

I would love to get better at it and do a whole story one day :)
Claudine, You and Paul are amazing. That's great fun. I have your 1st book, but watching a creation in video form is really fun. Y'all have a brilliant future with all your talents. And Mabel, she's obviously bound for Hollywood. Silly kitty.

I LOVED it. I learned so much watching you do the work. It was fun seeing what the "noises" on the pod casts actually are. Do More!

You and Paul have so much fun--it's contagious!!!!
I love the way you allow the ideas to flow and just trust yourself. I spend hours agonizing over every little line or stroke I make and I know that it's slowing me down. You have inspired me to just try to relax and trust myself. Thank you. You are a wonderful teacher and so generous to share the creative process with all of us.
Ahhh! You have found the POWER of YOUTUBE too!
Isn't It is a lot of fun!!! I can't seem to stop making little videos too. (Stop by and see some of mine when you have some time...)

I look forward to seeing more of these!

(..hope you are feeling better...)
I was just thinking about whether you would be posting a clip of you working and voila! there it is! amazing to watch you---it is always such a treat! you were great, maggie was great, paul was great and the artwork was absolutely perfect!
oh, i'm so sorry i said maggie and meant mabel.
i heard about your loss and i can only imagine...i lost a lot of my pets growing up and as a teenager, it is so difficult. i imagine sometimes they are watching and rooting for me everyday.
Wow - having read your books over and over, seeing you work really crystalized some things for me. Thanks for being so very generous with your talents.
The video was sooo fun to watch! I have both your books Claudine and like your work because it is different and so "you". I don't post alot, but read you nearly everyday here and on Yahoo group. This was really enjoyable to watch. (Nice work Paul)
Love your video demo Claudine! It looks like you are having such a great time and that is always very inspirational
Great video blog. Really enjoyed the demo!
this was such a great video and fun to watch! thank you for sharing claudine!
How fun! I'm totally inspired to try this...although I have to admit, the "fear" you talked about in your radio interview has kept me from attempting anything like this...I'm so computer-driven, it's scary!

Will you be holding any workshops in Central Florida??

PS...thanks for the tip about the silver dollars!!!
Loved the video!!! So VERY helpful too!!! I need to try using the gel medium more often to glue and seal things. I also liked the info about using the paint to help highlight the lines...funny how you can see things, but not even realize why they work! BTW, do you have a favorite black pen? I usually use a Pitt pen (the one with F on the end), but I am wondering if there is a better choice. Thanks so much for sharing your talents and tips!!!! Oh, and thanks to Paul for a great job video taping too!
tambo -- good question! you must make sure everything is dry before inking with your pen, otherwise you'll kill your pen.

babsarella -- i use the PITT pens too, sometimes the F sometimes the S depending on the size of the artwork :)
This was really neat! Very cool to see you take us through your creative process--it's fun to see how a sketch comes together.

I have Poppets and Poppets clear stamps on the way==can't wait for them to get here so I can play!

Thank you so much for sharing!
Claudine, I know you use Golden gel. Is it a better consistency? Just curious, as I am not medium savvy. Thanks, Angela Posted earlier with kudos! Your books, by the way, are very informative and enjoyable.

I love the GOLDEN gel, I hav used it for more than ten years and can't find anything better!
Thanks for sharing. it was really fun to see a work in progress :)
Thanks so much for sharing your process! It's a lot of fun watching artists in their element. Loved seeing Mabel, too. :)
A great video Claudine - how do you stay so tidy!! Incidentally I've just bought Golden gel as my local art shop had sold out of my usual brand and I'm converted - not that I knew you could use it for collage until recently anyway as I've always used PVA - what a find!
Wow, great stuff you got here! Love watching you do your art, my 3 years old does too :)
oh yeah, loved being able to follow along with you & see you in action! i have ordered all my poppet stash & can't wait to get creative...all four of my daughters love the ideas too!

how fun!!
best wishes
Fun video!!
Loved the watching the video Claudine. You make it look so easy!
I loved watching the video, Claudine! I hope you do more of these as Paul tests out his V.E.S.

I am glad to see that Mabel made an appearance! What a great little actress :P

That was really fun to watch! I so enjoy learning how other artists work...what steps go into creating the final magic:> Your collages are so charming, so it was a real treat to see your process. And there's nothing like having feline company in your cat Jezebel thinks she's my muse, and she might be right! Thanks for the demo:>
haha, great! i like your montages... very nice all of them
fun! what a cutie mabel is!
Thanx, very empowering!
Carla H.
Claudine! I loved that you did a video - like having a live podcast! You are hilarious and always have the most rocking aprons - plus Mabel was a adorable! It was so fun to see how you work and process everything...and Paul's editing was the bomb!
what a great video! and that's awesome you have such a supportive husband!
The video was excellent, and was actually both entertaining AND educational. I am certain the classes you teach are well worth attending. Thank you muchly for posting this for all to see!
Claudine, it was great to see your sparkling personality in your sketch video! I've been missing you and Bernie and all the other Art Gals like crazy since missing ArtFest this year. Congratulations on the Martha Stewart interview and the scrapbook line of your Poppets!!!

Jen Osborn
So cool of you to share all this with the rest of us. :-)
very cute ... love your work! thanks for sharing across the world, I am in Australia!
That was awesome! I love Mabel joining the show. Too cute! Very nice to be able to see another artists process. I like the way your table is wrapped with plastic. (I might just have to steal that idea!)
;) abbie
Great demo! Thanks for sharing! It's so fun to watch another artist create. We're all so different.
This is awesome! Thanks to you and Paul (and that cutie-putie Mabel) for this video. I was wondering, why do you keep your brushes in water? I found that very interesting! Thanks again.
What FUN, Claudine!! I really enjoyed seeing you whipping up one of your WONDERFUL pieces :) Thanks Paul!!
I finally had the chance to watch your video today and I love it. You're a natural on camera! Hope you do more of these.
thanks, claudine, for that video! very cool and inspiring =) cheers from switzerland! astrid
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