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I had a good day in the studio and managed to get a bunch of work done. Whew! It felt good!

Here's a Poppet® Canvas
commission that I just finished up of the client and her sister. Her sister used to grow daffodils at her house so this is my version of daffodils. I sure hope they read like daffodils.

Toby gave us a little scare yesterday. He started holding his back right leg in the air and wouldn't walk on it. Of course after the last couple of weeks' events I freaked out. Felt all over his leg and couldn't find anything. I took him to the vet where they did discover that he had a small infection starting on his back near where his sutures were, so we got lots of antibiotics to clear it up. We never did figure out why he was lifting his back leg, but he seems better today. I don't need anymore sick pets!!

OK is everyone ready for
Project Runway tomorrow night!!?? I am so excited! I can hardly wait! All you West coasters who don't want any spoilers should wait to read my blog until Thursday morning, because I'll be blogging about it right after the show. I see they are having a special casting episode at 10pm tonight. yay!

Thanks to
this great gal and this one too, for super wonderful blog mentions!
My Tivo is set for PR. I bought popcorn.
I hope Toby is ok. Funny you mention him doing that with his leg...Booger did that for a while when he was still with us. For no apparent reason, he started hopping on three legs! Turns out it was arthritis and glucosomine really helped.
What did you think of the casting show? Right away I like that cute dude who only does menswear and that girl who made the "lost" portfolio
He he he...I was thinkin of you when I saw the commercials for it on TV. I might have to start watching it so I can know what is going on!
Love the cute Poppet collage.I think they will LOVE it :0) !

i think the guy with the fake english accent should be interesting!
I think the Runway's got a good mix this season. As they said, there's a wide variety of styles and personalities...I'm just SO curious to see who gets booted off for bad behavior! Have you seen that in the promos? Can't wait!
Love the sisters Poppet you did today. I was not familiar with Project Runway, so I clicked on to find out. Sounds very interesting.
Beautiful colors. I love your mix of collage and drawing, and I enjoyed looking at the video in your last post!

great piece!!!
we have just started season 2 project runway here in Australia - way behind!!!
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