recent additions to my household

Two shirts from here. And this shirt from here. This super cute coloring book!! And a wonderful artwork from this artist!

I bought and read
this book, all in one night. Tons and tons of useful info about the manufacturing side of an art/gift business. FYI, if you order it -- she sends it in an email with just the subject line of "book" and I thought it was spam because there was no message in the email. So I kept deleting it and then emailing her to ask where my book was. ooops!!

PS. Thanks to Indie Quarter for the wonderful write up on their blog today!
Oh I'm so glad you posted Pamela Barsky's book. I had seen it a while back and could not remember for the life of me where. I'm ordering right now!


Cute shirts!!! I really liked the artist too!!! Think I'll bookmark that site! Sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for all the great links!
Wow! I love that artists work! Thanks for posting it! And that shirt looked very flattering!
i'm very happy to hear that it arrived safely! but estatic that you love it after seeing it in person, that part always makes me a little nervous hehe.
thank you again for trading with me!
Super cute shirts. I love to show support to other artists. Too bad the men's line isn't as strong as the women's.
hmmm .. purse purse, shoes and shoes .. so recent additions to ur closet :)
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