a little bit under the weather
I've been in little bit of a blue mood all day. Just feeling out of sorts, and sad, missing Maggie.

I have learned there are a few things NOT to do when you are blue:

1) watch a
moody movie (great movie, and just as good as the book! It didn't help my funky mood though)
2) look at your recent
Amazon book reviews
3) try to install the wireless router AGAIN. (poor Paul worked so hard on it and it still won't work - arrugh!)
4) shave your dog (I did not do a very good job -
poor Toby looks a little funny)

I think it's time for me to go to bed so I can wake up bright and cheery for
the big interview tomorrow! After all tomorrow is another day!
Regarding the reviews: If it were possible to please everyone simultaneously, life would sure be boring!

Seeing that sweet picture of Maggie as a kitten made me cry all over again for you, Paul, Maggie and Toby and your loss. I swept up my fat sleepy kitties and put them in the chair with me to type this message, giving them kisses and sweet talk. One is older, around 12 now, with a noticeable heart murmur and a delicate constitution like Toby's, and a newly arthritic left shoulder. I try to imagine what things will be like when he's passed on to the great catnip fields in the sky. I'm selfish and can't bear the thought. My other, while young and robust is not smart, and often ploughs head first into one of our dressers, having gotten a running start 30ft. down the hallway. Every time we hear the thud, my hubby and I turn to eachother and say, "He's really not long for this world, is he?"

Cuddle your little babies and maybe do some affectionate silly collage of them to remind you of all the love they have to give and you to receive. :o) And, watch something silly like "Happy Gilmore". That's what I watched today and I could not stop laughing.
I'd ignore those Amazon reviews if I were you Claudine. Both your books are simply splendid. I return to them often for inspiration and practical tips, plus they're great to look at too. Can I pre-order your next book?
P.S. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wishes she'd done a better job grooming her dog.
AWWWWEEE... (((Gentle healing hugs))) . I am trying to ge the sirius to work on my dragging dialup!!! im sure you will be just wonderful =)
out of curiosity, i read your reviews and on those negative ones all i could think was,"wha..did you read the same book i did?"

things WILL get better

good luck today
Don't worry about the reviews...there's always nasty people out there who simply take pleasure in being mean.
Pay close attention to all those 5 star reviews (the person who wanted to give you 10 stars counts twice you know!) and ignore the rest. All artists are ridiculed by some segment of the population. Or a major portion as the French impressionists were. I love BOTH your books AND your DVDs. They stay right next to my art table in my "active references" stack. I have a whole library of lovely art books but the really helpful ones (half a dozen) remain next to my art table as inspirations and practical guides. So that's where BOTH your books are - along with "Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green" and a couple other books. Your DVDs are inspriational and I sometimes pull those out when I feel like a complete art fraud thinking "what makes you think you're good enough to do this". Your upbeat encouraging DVD makes me feel like I CAN do it because there are giving artists like you out there that tell me I can and are showing the way. Hopefully I won't let you down :-). I'm looking forward to your next book and DVD. Keep 'em coming girl!!!!!
PS - I've given my horses some really BAD haircuts. And I one time when I was touching up my dog's grooming around her eyes, she jerked and I cut her eyebrow off - then I had to cut the other one off to match. So don't feel bad about Toby - it WILL grow out. And only watch happy movies for awhile! Take care...
From one author to another, I know it is really hard to not read the reviews. And, it is really hard to not want to reach through the monitor and slap whoever wrote the bad ones. I like to think that for every bad review (and luckily, there really are only a few) there are hundreds or thousands of people who love your book and if they were not so busy happily making art, they'd post a 5 star review.
Keep your chin up =)
Yep, as Dell Shannon said, "Tomorrow is also a day." So now that tomorrow is today, I surely hope your blues went to bright yellows, red, and greens. (HUGS)
Oh Claudine - I am so sorry about everything! Your post was so sweet though! You are so right what NOT to do - when you are blue!! xo
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