illustration friday: skyline
When I saw the theme of "skyline" for IF, I thought immediately of this commission that I did a few months ago.

(click image to enlarge)
This was a piece created for a family that likes to travel a lot. They have a wonderful sense of adventure so I wanted to depict them on a travel adventure together!

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thanks, claudine
yes, I know your work, I found your awesome site while I was lloking for collages artist around NorthAmerica
all of your pices are great, happy, clean, nice
I like them a lot!
Beautiful collage Claudine! I LOVE the colors U use. :-)
What a fun family portrait. Lovely work.
You ever look at an artist and sigh with appreciation...that is what I do when i see your sketches...thanks...
Just perfect, again!
this is delightful!!! love it!
Wowieeeeeeee!!! This is just right for skyline!!! I bet this family LOVES this piece!!! xo
claudine! you get to everyone's blogs before i do and say just what i want to say (only you use better words), and then you do fabulous artwork yerself....i guess i'll have to step it up a bit! have been enjoying your site, and notice that you leave very interesting comments on others' blogs, which is cool!
Its very Cool ! as always!
Hi! You do collage right! Good show!
The flower variation you have here is fascinating along with your line work. Everything feels alien yet homely.
Lovely! Your work is always so happy!
wonderful; a very high spirited piece.
This piece just makes me happy looking at it. They are having such a great time!!
Very nice..lovely Claudine...your work is always great!!

This is super cute and very creative.
"Delightful!" is the word for this. My favorite part is the very unique flowers.
It's a joy to see your work and it looks like it's a joy to make. Great job Claudine!

If you are ever in Atlanta for a workshop let's try to get together again.
Can't wait to pack up and set off with my family. I like the happy faces! It makes my heart glow.
funny!!!! love it
What an interesting collage. Love the skyline view on this!
Hello Claudia :o) I like your art, keep in touch, Issi
hi! very inspiring artworks! liked your drawing and sense of humor!

glad to have you visiting blucolage..

I love your collages. This is really cool.
You have such a light, clean style...always full of happiness:> I love this one!

What a lazy way for a bird to travel.
cute, I love it... I want to go flying somewhere
Really sweet piece, it radiates happiness!
wow this makes u wanna be up there with em enjoy the day nice work
Sweet drawing!
This is so much fun. I love ALL of it but for some reason todayI the flowers just jumped out at me and grabbed my heart. They are just really happy little guys! And I am VERY sorry to hear about Maggie. I was out of town that week and I've been so far behind that I only read your blog today. How heart breaking! Our animals are part of our family so I really know how you feel! They bless our lives in so many ways. She will always be with you in spirit. Please take care and keep making that happy art! Fondly, D
I noticed that we draw very similar flowers. :-) Love this, as usual.
I love the flowers and the bright colours...fabulous!

Ouissi x
I love your work and visit your blog often. I didn't realize you had the "On My Desk" blog as well. I just found that the other day and bookmarked it. Thanks for your comment on my "skyline" submission to IF. :-)
A Truly lovely skyline. I love your little flowers and the vintage plane with the songbird lending his voice to the joy of the happy family.
This is so cute! The plane is just wonderful! I love your pieces because the people always look like they are having so much fun and the softness of the drawing is so magical! Brandi
Up, up and away! What a happy and bright piece.
Hope you are feeling chirpier yourself today.
art hugs
Lovely and light and whimsical, as always!
Oh Claudine - this is awesome! I always love how you do your flowers! Fabulous colors - just beautiful!
That's an awesome fun piece!
this is wonderful! i'm sure they were pleased with your is so much fun!! :)
I immediately thought of your dotted skylines when I saw this week's topic. what a great adventure in this illo!
Beware the 2-dimensional people, and their plot to flatten the universe!
thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone. It is such fun to be a part of Illustration Friday and I really appreciate all your encourgement :)
I love your style-use of color, and most of all your flowers!
This is so lovely!
I also enjoyed your video demo.
I love your style so much!
Very funny and nice
I love your work. Soft colors, sketchy feel...with realistic faces...great contrast and very whimsical.
OMG I LOVE THIS!! The people look like they are having a great time up there, what really makes it funny for me is how they are all packed in there, facing every which way, smiling. Your collages are awesome!
your work is fun and simply lovely.
This is amazing and I love the little bird signing!I have been reading and seeing your art work in a lot of places! Your style is so distinctive and wonderful! It is really neat to see a piece of art and know immediately who the artist is!
WOW I really love your work. very whimsical and fun. Great illos.
Your work is great, kind of surreal, like it a lot.
Wonderful style! Your work is beautiful.
What charmingly quirky fun!
This is so delightful!
Love your flowers and color palette.
How wonderful! I never of your style and unique visions
I just found your blog, great work! I really like your style. I could spend hours checking our your site :)I especially like the flowers and color palette.
I really like your style - you've found something special. (: It's so funny with the old black and white pictures. Like the people don't even know they're in an artwork and they just stand there smiling. :)
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