illustration friday: clean
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "clean". I knew what I wanted to create right away when I read the theme. I love retro housewives. I tried to change my palette a little bit and use fresh colors to underscore the theme.

(click image to enlarge)
I did also want to come up with an irreverent housewifey quote to go with this piece, but I ran out of steam. If you think of something post it for me in the comments! Thanks for taking a look at my illo. Happy Illustration Friday!

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i like it
Oh...I just love this. It is simply wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting at my Ms Dabble Too site.

I found a quote by David Gerrold that I think fits your picture (which I like very much by the way) very well:
"If your dreams turn to dust, vacuum."
:) I love the cats :) nice illo!
So DAINTY!! The colors and patterns really drive your theme. And thanks for your comment on my page :-)
This is adorable! I think the color palette was a great choice. I want her apron...maybe I it will help me to want to do my house cleaning!
Love this, I am working with Stephanie and Craft Diner and can not wait to get my hands on this stuff, LOVE IT
I love retro housewives, too! And your style, but that you already knew. :)
Love the way the photographic face contrasts with the delicate lines. Our tenant downstairs complains of my vacuuming so I have to use a broom. Maybe if I get a frilly apron I'll feel happier about it.
For a quote, here's my (cheesy) 2 cents: "Cleaning: only thing that sucks is the vacuum!" - I guess that's what the woman in your illo would say, judging from the overall cheerfulness. And thanks for checking my blog regularly!
If they were my cats they would be chewing through the wire. :-) Nice illo!
the perfect housewife..." Reward yourself, with the pleasure of a clean floor. The Hoovamax Vacum cleans by means of AIR PRESSURE and SUCTION". Great illo and colors!!
wonderfull as always. i love the sofa and the cats, the background lookg great.
As always a great take on the theme. Your retro style really suits the subject matter.
It's lovely, very retro-ish! :)
This is so adorable, Claudine. The new colors are nice too.
Here's a quote from Roseanne Barr: “I'm not going to vacuum 'til Sears makes one you can ride on”

Doesn't really go with your cool illustration... Wanted to find something from June Cleaver or Donna Reed. Only thing missing on your retro housewife is the pearl necklace.

Great color scheme... Checked out your links and scrolled on down... All wonderful.
Claudine, this is wonderful! I love the colors and especially the cat playing with the cord. My cats run as soon as they see "The Beast" come out of the closet. Your cats are brave!
I love this - love the color palette, love your line quality. It's contemporary yet my initial reaction is 50's housewife. I don't know why! Must be the head! :)
This is why I don't do housework!
you have a fun style. i'm a huge fan of retro.
LOVE it! my first 15 sketches were of a lady vacuuming.. I couldn't get it right.. but you sure did!
Love the apron!
:) Abbie
she is soooo content vacuming claudine... gives me some inspiration! tee hee,
love it!
Claudine - this is perfect! I love the blues you used, and I think the woman's face is just right! You've included the best details...especially the kitty trying to play with the cord. Love it!
I love the use of color in this piece. Retro indeed!

great piece - perhaps she would be pondering if it was time to get carpet to match the cat fur? O she could even start a trend of her own?! Maybe, "surely Madge thought... yellow carpet would be in style soon?! Or, "surely Madge thought, it was time for a new trend in carpet color" I was always swearing our next carpet would be grey tweed when we had our girls!

your combo of colors and prints is great in this piece!
"See, women can use power tools, too!"

great illustration. love her enthusiastic look while vacuuming.
funny and beautiful, as always! the colors are very pretty.
I loved your video demonstration, it's great!
it's very 'happy days'; the colors are perfect!
I think she says:
"Look - no dust - no books - and soon no cats! Buy this vacuum cleaner tomorrow, and you will never regret!"

- I like your colours, you have your very personal, special style
hahah love it!...

the expression on her face makes me think she might be saying something along the lines of ..."you put one dirty footprint on this clean floor and i will bake a betty crocker cake out of you"..all with that weird grin and forced cheery tones

thanks for your comment
all the best,
Your cat is so cat, once the vac goes on my kitties run for cover! Love the colors and patterns... so squeeky clean... Have a great week!!
wow. my cats would never in their life let me get in the same room with them while i vacuum!!

i really like the furry one who has decided to play with the cord!
thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments! I really appreciate it!! I had such a hard time with the color palette on this one. So, I am glad to hear you think it came out well.

Our kitties don't like the vacuum either but I thought I'd make these extra brave kitties!
The color palette is splendid! Nice one!
This is lovely...I love the apron, the cushion & the cats...a very neat home!!

Ouissi x
once i get around this rug it's martini time sparky!
love it :)
Great work! I love the soft colours and that rather strained smile of hers.
Beautiful! I love the flowers on the table!

This is very fun and pretty - you almost convinced me that housework can be fun....almost..:)
i love your very soft colours!
great illo lov ur use of flora patterns on the rug and her apron and lil pillow it just gives it the right touch
hi claudine!!!

oh! thanks for visit my blog!

and your illo is beautiful, i love your style

greetings & hugs!

i like the way the pictures on the wall with no relationship to anything except the table of flowers. that's great. how stark the rest of the walls would be except this one area (although, they frame the flowers well). lol. just a thought. see you next il fri.
great illo your style so funny!!!
i think she is fabulous, claudine. i especially like her long legs. i like how they look next to the vacuum (which sounds so wacky but i do!). here are some quotes from the wonderful and beautiful marilyn monroe that just might work:

"I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot."

"I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful."

"It's all make believe, isn't it?"

"A career is wonderful, but you can't curl up with it on a cold night."
The contrast between the retro housewife and the lovely living room is gorgeous. I can't help liking the illo!
Super social commentary! Nice illo, too! Mary :-D Imagik!
Hi Claudine
Cool stuff as always =) Really like your happy retro style. Cheers!
Love the lemony just vacumned freshness! Charming cool.
what a perfect little housewife!!
very cute!
Oh Claudine this is adorable! Love the kitty following her and that apron is the bomb! Xo
i love retro art! :-) this is great!
Just perfect, as always!
AWESOME clean illo!! Love the design!!
This says clean, she's so poised, relaxed and pleased looking. My first thought was of "the good wifes guide" an article from the 1955.
nice claudine! i also liked your illustrated posts.. very very nice!!
Delightful! I love her super loooooong body.
i love your style miss!
I hadn't noticed your video demonstration before... it's great! What a cool idea to show how you do what you do. Thanks for putting that on there... very interesting. It was like a 9-minute class. Great stuff.

This "clean" one is great! Always great stuff on here!
This is great! love her apron & her dress! your work is fabulous.
nice ilustrations, specially this one...
Wow this is amazing! What a lovely housewife and clean illustration! Always love your unique style.
Beautiful piece however, that is totally not my favorite of all chores! Who am I kidding, I dont like any chores, I would rather by playing!
fun and fab, i love that the cat is helping!
This is lovely. All the patterns just perfectly matches with simple colors. Great!!
I love the palette that you used. What a great piece! For some reason, the flowers in the vase on the side table intrigue me. Weird place to look, huh? Love it.
I love that one! It is beautiful!!
I love that the apron matches the pillow. A good housewife is always fashionable, as well as her house...

Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
Obviously you nailed this one - that a long list of comments and well deserved! I love the colors and patterns used in this one...they are a perfect balance. I so want that apron!
What a great style! There's so much going on here. And a beautiful color palette.
so nice! love the patterns and the cat playing with the cord.
I love the 50s feel this has even though your art is so fresh and new. These colors are beautiful.
A clean home is a happy home!(Or so they want you to believe it is)
i love the perspectiv on this and i love the 50's housewife feel! i love it and i'm a sucker for a dotted line!
Nice scene Claudine!
I love the 'vintage house wife' as well! And the cats! Well done!
Seeing this reminded me of watching "Leave it to Beaver" as a kid with June Cleaver looking perfect while cooking and cleaning. *smile* Great illustration.
I can't think of a quote, but I love the art!
Hi Val,
This house is really very beautiful with this so intense blue !
So cute!
Have a nice day
I sooo want to think of a caption for this one! It'd made a great postcard in any case (maybe with an empty word balloon for the poster to fill)? We were on the same page with this IF - vacuuming with pets :).
It's always a pleasure stopping by for a visit. I love collage and your style is tops! I love the limited amount of pattern you add and the detail. Lots of depth! I could go on...
Hi Claudine,
Excuse-me for the comment,it's not for you!
Your illustration is really good.Your house is very clean and the cat funny.I love the cat§
Great illo.
Nice day
I love retro housewives too, although I could never be one because I have a hard enough time with heels to begin with, much less vaccuuming in them. No sirree, if I was retro at all, I'd be one of those "other" women, much more fun, I'd think.

You hit the right pallette with your colour scheme.

She looks so placid and serene.

It's wonderful!
What a great illustration! You must really enjoy what you do... it shows in a big way!
Great style and illustration! Nice job!

Better watch that cat scratching the cord! :o)
wow ! 90 comments on one illustration ! i guess that's what i have in comments in my entire blog :)
but your illustration deserves it. nice style!
Very pretty retro apron. Love the colors and the fancy high heel shoes for housework, but hat vacuum cleaner will be clogged up with kitty hair in no time.
Great linework love the coloring too
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