happier post
I was excited to find out I was mentioned on 2 super cool design blogs: That's Hot and Decor8.
Thanks for the amazingly great write ups!

OK blog readers! I need a favor:
I am going to be interviewed by Jennifer Louden on Sunday for her radio show on Sirius Martha Stewart Radio. I am excited about that, but I was asked to submit questions to her. My brain is mush right now and I can't even think of one thing. If you have a question you'd like me to answer can you post it in the comments for me? It would be much appreciated!

UPDATED: 6:30pm
Thanks guys! These are all awesome questions! keep them coming! Any ones I don't talk about in the interview Paul and I will do a Q&A podcast or maybe two Q&A podcasts! Oh! And the interview will be live on Sunday at 11am EST with call in for questions 1-866-675-6675. even if you don't have Sirius, when you call, you can hear the show over the phone so you'll feel plugged in and you can ask your question live on the show! I'll post all the info again as we get closer. Thanks again for your help!

Thank you once again for all your wonderful comments and emails about our little Maggie. You have all touched me at a time when I really needed it. Thank you!


How do feel when you see other artists working in your style?

As one who has your books and played with your techniques,some successfully some not (my fault not yours), I would like to know this one.
Question: Who's your favorite blogger?

But then, that could cause me to blush. ::grinning sheepishly::
hey honey,
Here are a few off the top of my head.

1)If you could switch places with anyone in the world for 1 day who would it be and why?

2) Your biggest wish has just been granted by a magical Genie....what did you wish for?

What advice would you give other artists who want to pursue a full- time art career? What kinds of ups and downs can one expect? How much does success depend on self-promotion and how much is right time, right place, right person , right art?
I totally second debbi's questions and would like to add:
How do you manage your time, especially when you were self-represented? Working from home, the temptations are endless for do you balance them?
What do you think about artists using ebay or etsy, etc. as outlets for self-representation vs. galleries?
Very neat, Claudine!

From a consumer's point of view, I'd most like to know how to make the beautiful things you create.

1. How can I get started in collage? I'm just not sure where to begin.

2. What materials will I need?

3. What can it be used for?

4. Can anyone do this?

5. How do you make a living at collage art?

6. Can you recommend any books? [yes!!!]

7. Do you offer any workshops? [yes!!]

8. Didn't I see you on television?

9. Can you make something for me?

10. Do you license your artwork?

11. How did you get started? How did you dicsover a passion for collage?

12. Have you done work for anyone famous?

...I could go on and on...let me know if you need more questions and I'll email a bunch more :-)

BEST WISHES!!! Post a recording if possible so that we can all listen!
Of all the animals you have been asked to turn into a poppet...who were your favorites?
Shadow and Shamus

Oh, and on a serious note, where do you think this style of collage will take you next?
How do you work through a creative block? What inspires you and why?

Looks like you're getting some great press! :)

BTW: Thanks for the comment on my blog...
thanks guys! these are all awesome questions! keep them coming! Any ones I don't talk about in the interview Paul and I will do a Q&A podcast or maybe two Q&A podcasts!

Oh! And the interview will be live on Sunday at 11am EST with call in for questions. I'll post all the info as we get closer.

thanks again for your help!
I just have something to tell everyone: you can sign up for a free three-day trial to Sirius on the internet...I wish I had done it later this week because I won't have it for the broadcast...(Maybe hubby will sign up for me like on Sat.) But just go to the Sirius website: and click on "Listen Online". It will ask you for a username and password. You need to sign up for the free trial through this window. It doesn't have all the channels included, but the Martha Stewart channel is included in the free trial. It's worth a try to hear Claudine! :)
I really appreciate the parts of your books where you talk about the inspirations for your current direction of your work. I'd like to hear more about translating inspiration to art: How you you go from seeing something that inspires you to incorporating that in your art work?

You were working in a Victorian style for several years, and now you have created a whimsical Poppet style. Do you see this as an evolution or a revolution in your work?

Are there any dangers in being closely identified with one particular style or medium?

How do you maintain such a busy schedule?

Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions!

What directions do you see yourself moving in?

Have a nice day sweet girl!
How do you get past dry spells, creative block, so to speak?
How do you recommend starting an art group in your area? Especially if you live in a small community which sees art as only painting...oils and watercolor?
claudine! i'm so excited for you! i sure wish i could get that channel though - pout! we have the most basic of cable - sigh. i'll find a way i'm sure!

my one simple question: what is the ONE feeling you get when you are done with a piece? ranging from pride, accomplishment, satisfaction, renewal, the list is endless...........good luck cutie! hugs, rach
i would really like to hear you talk about how you handle self-doubt. do you always know when a piece is right? i took a jonathon talbot class where he said "your job is to be an artist, not an art critic." i find that to be something great to strive for, but i still have a significant inner critic who will look at something and go "hey, that really sucks." how do you stifle that voice (not at the point where your art really does suck, but when it's nice and you like it and it's just a self-doubtey kind of thing)
I love you podcasts....I can't get enough of them...I went out a purchased a MP3 Player just so I could listen to them...can't wait for your future podcast....your husband does an excellent job a interviewer/host!

here's a few more:
You (like Martha and so many others) are sooo tuned in with your pets...what do you think they give you? (serentity, clarity,distraction?)

If you are close to a deadline but your piece isn't quite right how do you deal with it? do you rush, do you wait and get it 'right' albeit late? what do you do if midway you want to change direction?

How often do you take classes? do you take them as an artist-student to learn new technique or do you take them as a student teacher to learn to be a better instructor?

Many artists like to give back to their community (artistic community and physical community) How do you 'give back'?

One of your (and mine!) guilty pleasures is Project's starting you enjoy the designing, the drama, the creating?...have you ever designed clothing?

You travel do you recharge after a trip?
Hi!! Thank you very much for your comment on my blog!
I'm really sorry about little Maggie. I hope you feel all a little bit better each day.
And congratulations for the good news!!
of course i am slow to respond as i was out of town, but claudine! my heart goes out to you! losing maggie must have been difficult. hugs,
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