baby steps
I did a little better in the studio today. So that was good. Baby steps forward. Mabel even came and layed on my desk, which was funny because she only does that if there is food. There wasn't any food, so I took that as if she was saying, "I know you are lonely so here I am."

Here's a Poppet® canvas
commission that I just finished up. This sweet little girl likes to ride her tricycle in her tu-tu and loves to look at birds who go "tweet tweet." I had a lot of fun working on this piece!

Just a quick reminder about the interview Sunday on Sirius radio. Here's how to listen even if you don't have a Sirius radio. Thanks to
this great gal who told me about how to do this!

OK you can sign up for a free three-day trial to listen to Sirius on the Internet. Just go to the
Sirius web site, and click on "Listen Online". It will ask you for a username and password. You need to sign up for the free trial through this window. It doesn't have all the channels included, but the Martha Stewart channel is included in the free trial.

The interview I will be doing is this Sunday, July 9th, on the
Jennifer Louden radio show called Louden Clear on the Martha Stewart Channel at 11am EST

Thanks so much for your help with the questions! I have sent them in. Any ones that I don't talk about on the show we'll do in a podcast or two!


Aww, thanks Claudine...anything to help! :)
BTW: Mabel does know that you're hurting. They they do whatever they can to make you feel better... :)
Oh, Claudine, I love this Poppet! Sounds like Mabel is taking up a new job. Perhaps she understand about Maggie and knows she is supposed to help now!

How sweet of Mabel.
Glad to hear that your sweet Mabel is there to take baby steps with you.
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