update on maggie
I spoke with the animal hospital this morning and they said she is more stable. The Dr is going to call me early this afternoon. They are doing a more comprehensive blood panel to check for toxins as well as other possibilities.

I talked to two different pet communicators.
Lydia and a local woman who is also amazing Kimberly Sannello (407.927.9363). They both said (without knowing about each other) that Maggie says she ate something she shouldn't have. Something alive or recently dead possibly with pest control on it. Our cats are indoor only but the odd roach and lizard does get into our screened in porch so this very possibly could have happened. In a Twilight Zone moment Maggie even described in detail the pest control lady we use. There is no way the animal communicator could have known this information.

We only pest control once a QT, and it's been two months since our last treatment, but you can imagine how GUILTY I feel for even doing that if it could have put her health at risk. So I am researching pet friendly pest control services (which are almost impossible to find) but
I did find this one, and they are coming out to do a consult. You have to do some sort of pest control in FL, otherwise we'd be over-run with roaches which would be another health risk. I am so glad I found this natural pest control, it wasn't easy to find.

So basically I spent all of last night on roach watch, we did have two come in the house and I was worried
Mabel would get to them, she likes to munch on a little insect now and then. So of course I barely slept. I guess at some point I'm going to have to let go, I can't sit and watch for bugs or hazards 24/7 but this has made me really paranoid.

Thank you for your prayers and healing thoughts for Maggie! The animal communicators both said it helps her heal and that she can feel it.
So thank you!

UPDATE - 2:15pm:
Just talked to the vet and I relayed the info from the animal communicators. He didn't think I was crazy for talking to them and is taking it into serious consideration and doing a liver and kidney screen to double check. However he says right now her symptoms don't show a pesticide reaction as she is not having any neurologial effects. So I guess that is good news. We'll have more test reults in this afternoon. Thank you for all your good thoughts!


That is insane Claudine! I hope your kitty pulls through & feels 100% asap. I am going to warn my parents about this, as they treat their house & also have pets.
Oh Claudine, I am so so so glad to hear she is more stable. Yay! for natural pest care!!

On the edge of my seat till your next update!
All of my best thoughts and kitten prayers for Maggie. It's good thing she has such a good guardian as you.
That's wild what the pet communicators said. I spoke with one of my friends who has several cats of her own, and cares for all of the neighborhood strays, and she also wondered if Maggie ate a plant that might be toxic to cats, or of she might have been bitten by an insect. Thank you for continuing to keep us posted.

yeah we don't have any live houseplants because Maggie would eat them if she could. The insect bite could be a possibility, because even though they are indoor only cats, insects still get in. I brought it up to the Vet last night so he has that on his list!

thanks for thinking of us!!
Hope Maggie is better soon! Love you Illustration Friday work. And thanks for visiting my blog.
Claudine, I'm sending good thoughts about your cat. :-)

AND, guess who just got their groovy cool collage book today from Amazon?? Yes, me. Good guess.

What is really surreal is that as I'm typing this I'm about 12 minutes into your audio podcast so I'm listening to you think up your orange machine that is sucking the thoughts out of the guys brain, and I have the collages open to view at the same time. It's very strange, but very cool. I'm looking forward to the book and to getting much more into doing some collage!

Have a glorious day. :-)
We switched to natural pest control earlier this year and I have found that I have fewer bugs now than I did with the toxic pesticides we had sprayed around our house monthly before. And, we barely had anything before. They really really really hate rosemary oil.

I don't think the really bad neurological symptoms happen straight away. That's more common with longterm exposure. First comes symptoms of chronic fatigue and kidney symptoms from having to deal with such high doses of toxins in the system all at once. The immediate neurolgical symptoms might be "brain fog" or apathy, depression, lack of enthusiasm in general. If you're on day 3 or 4 of this with her, a lot of that junk has passed into her bloodstream from the organs by now, and that might explain any unusual blood cell count.

Poor Sweetie. Her whole body has gone into overdrive to purge something bad and she's completely exhausted. At least it sounds like she is in much better hands with this new vet.
Claudine, We have the same pest problems in Texas. We ordered plug in deals from I don't know how it works, but it emits a sound that kills bugs but humans can't hear. If you go to their website and click on Home & Outdoor it'll take you to a link to "pest control". My husband works for Whole Foods and this is something they use because they can't have any pesticides in their stores. Hope this helps! ~Sharon
Ooops its!!!!
Checking in daily. Thanks for keeping us posted...
Sharon, I was wondering about those. But, do they also emit sounds that are hard for animals' ears as well?

P.S. I LOVE Whole Foods. Do you get discounts on their stuff? I refer to it as "Whole Paycheck" because of how much I spend there.

After seeing "What the !@#$ Do We Know?!?!" on DVD last year, particularly the segment on the positive effects of sending healing thoughts to water, I don't doubt for a moment that all warm thoughts directed Maggie's way are good for her. I wish the little angel well. :o)
I have one of those plugged in right where my doggies lay and they don't hear anything. I can sometimes here a blip blip noise but it's not distracting. ~Sharon
Isn't that amazing what the pet communicators said. You know, I have a friend who lives in Jacksonville, FL and is always telling me how they have the big people out to spray. I am going to let her know what they said. Keep us posted on Maggie's progress.

we do have those plug in's and we have two. they work OK maybe I should buy more.

I did find this web site:

which has great natural pest control methods too!
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