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Well by this afternoon Maggie still wouldn't eat. She turned her back to me when I tried to offer her every enticing food I had bought. Her breathing was short and shallow and she was not getting better.

My gut told me that we needed to do something else other than just "wait and see" and that we needed to do it fast.

So I changed her over to the vet that we use for Toby at another vet practice. I needed to get another opinion. Of course I came to this realization at 4:45pm and they normally close at 5pm, so I called Toby's vet in hysterics and they stayed open and waited for me to rush her over while they had our other vet fax over the records.

Toby's vet examined Maggie, looked at her test results and came to the conclusion that this is much more dire than a "wait and see", that something is happening to her that needs immediate attention. Her temperature is falling below normal, from where is was yesterday and then even this morning. So they admitted her and she is staying there now with an IV and monitors. It was so hard to leave her there but I know she is in capable hands.

In my vow to leave no stone unturned I am having a consult with an animal communicator as well.

I am sorry my blog has turned into a pet medical blog. As soon as Maggie gets better I'll get back to art!


What a sweet photo of Paul and Maggie cuddled up on the couch together. I am so happy you went to get a second opinion about Maggie's condition. I hate when a doctor says let's wait and see, because you feel like you should be doing something! Hopefully Toby's vet will have some answers for you. And don't you worry about your blog turning into a pet medical report....we all are anxious to hear the next update anyway. I am just happy you can find the time to keep us in the loop. Kisses to Maggie!

thanks sweetie! for some reason it soothes me to post about it here.

you know like when a loved one is sick and all you want to do is shout it from the rooftops "hey my baby girl is sick!! universe HELP ME!!!"

Poor Maggie :( and good for you following your instincts. At times like these you have to find out what's actually going on.

All the Best :)
Glad you are getting a second opinion. You know Maggie better than anyone and need to go on your instincts. It is so hard when your pet can't tell you exactly what is wrong. Keep everyone updated. Spaz, my cat, and I are waiting to hear.

Glad you followed your instinct and went for another opinion. As Maggie's "mom" you know her best. In January, I almost lost my dog Hugo due to a toxic reaction to a drug...the vet who prescribed the meds said wait and see, but I listened to my instinct, we saw an emergency vet and saved his life. He is doing fine now for a little old man. That the long way of saying, I know what you are going through and you did the right thing.
I guess the best part of a blog is putting a message out there into space and somehow it returns to you all sorts of good feedback and love. You post away. We don't read your blog just to see art, but to see a litle bit about what is happening to you everyday. The fact that you choose to share it makes us all feel special.
thinking of you and miss maggie. you're definitely a good kitty mama by going with your instinct and getting a second opinion.

hoping you'll have nothing but good news to post tomorrow!
Good for you Claudine! It is so true, you have to follow your instincts, you know Maggie better than anyone. I will be thinking about all of you and I know she will be better soon!
ahhh honey I'm sorry to hear this. I will put miz Maggie on my prayer list.

big hugs 2 u
I know you are having a long night worrying about your baby - sooo glad you took her to Toby's doc. I pray that, in the morning, you hear she is much better and simply had a tummy ache.
Sounds like Maggie is in good helping hands now. Positive loving thoughts and prayers coming to all of you.
Maggie's going to go on my prayer list too Claudine! That picture of her sitting up like a person is sooo sweet! What stress! More bear hugs! for YOU and Paul!That will squeeze some tention out of the both of you! xo
Gosh, I've been checking your blog a few times a day waiting for an update on poor Maggie! I'm glad the other vet kept her and will hopefully find out the problem quick! What a hard time for you! Like having two of your kids very ill at the same time! I hope Toby is on the mends. My neighbor and I are in the midst of trapping ferrel cats and baby kittens that have taken up residence under both our sheds! Each Ma Ma cat has 4 babies! In less than 24 hours, we've caught one Ma Ma and her entire litter along with a ferrel male! Now to get the other family. They are all getting spayed and neutered and we'll hopefully be able to foster out the kittens for taming and finding homes. too late for that for the adult cats so we'll continue feeding them all. One of the babies looks like Maggie. They are so precious... but we gotta' stop this crazy breeding! Bernie would be proud! :) Please don't apologize for posting about your furry babies. I love reading about them and will be anticipating the next report on Maggie.
Just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you and Maggie all day, too. Thanks for the update and I echo everyone else in saying that it's good that you followed your instincts.
Warm wishes from the Bay Area.
It is hard to believe sometimes because we can all get so involved in beautiful art, but sometimes there are even more important things going on and I am glad that you can share them with us even thought the circumstance are not any fun.

You and Maggie and Toby and Paul are all in my thoughts and in my heart.
Pleae don't apologise Claudine, the joy and humanity in your art comes from a soul which loves animals, the two are linked closely. I recently observed on my blog that whenever I find an artist whose work inspires me I will discover, eventualy, that they have fur babies who run their lives..
Sending all good thoughts to you and maggie. It sounds like you are doing all the right things (by the way, people think I'm out of my gourd, but I talk with an animal communicator fairly regularly and its really been wonderful and insanely enlightening. I always wished I could "talk" with our doggie, and now I can!). Anyway, with all of these good thoughts coming Maggie's way, hopefully she will be feeling better lickety split!
No apology needed! I'm so sad your kitty is sick. I'm holding her furry face in the light for you.
Thinking about you all.
Don't apologize for writing about your beloved pets! I hope everything works out. So scary when you know your pet is hurting but you can't do anything. :(
Oh, I hope Maggie is better by this morning. I know this is very hard, and like a tiny baby, she can't tell you what's wrong. Keep us posted! I thinking of you and Maggie.
Maggie's still in our thoughts!
i hope your kitty gets better soon!!
Everyone knows how much you love your pets. Your art can wait until Maggie gets better, we will all still be here ok. Sending good thought your way.
sending good thoughts your way and hoping your kitty is doing better! good for you for going with your instincts!!
Hi Claudine...sure hope Maggie is ok and I hope Toby is doing better as well. We've also used an animal communicator for our dog, Abby and it really helped. Her name is Joan Ranquet at Good luck...sending good healing vibes your way.
Julie H. said exactly what I wanted to say. I've sent you, Maggie and Toby some reiki. ~Sharon
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