getting back to work
I managed to dip my toe back into getting a little work done today. So that is good.

It is so hard to concentrate, but I need to get back in the saddle so work doesn't pile up. It's hard to work in the studio because Maggie usually lays on my desk with me while I am working, so I keep looking up expecting to see her. I did manage to finish up this commission of this sweet couple and am sending it off tomorrow.

Maggie is still about the same, but her temp is now normal (yay!) and not way below normal like it was yesterday, the Vet says he's encouraged by that. Right now he thinks she has a good chance at recovery so that is GREAT news! We are waiting on a test letting us know if her anemia is getting worse, better or staying the same. Then we'll know more.

Earlier today I went to the vet and held her for an hour. I cried a lot but then felt like I shouldn't because maybe it would be bad to be sad around her, so I tried to be fake happy which probably didn't convince her. I did hold her in my lap so she could look out the window and see some birds and bugs and I think she liked that.


Your work is so cool and I love your site. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope your cat feels better soon.

p.s. how do you keep your studio so clean?
I'm so glad you got to visit and hold Maggie today - I bet she loved that. I'm keeping good thoughts for you both!

I have to keep it clean because Maggie likes to eat everything! So everything goes into plastic tubs when I am finished working. I guess it's good because it makes me stay clean!

Praying for you and Maggie...
Keeping you, Maggie and Paul in my thoughts! Get well soon Maggie!! Oh Claudine. . .thinking of you and sending good thoughts! Xo
So sorry you are going through this! I have been thinking of you a lot! I really hope Maggie is feeling better!
I hope Maggie is feeling better!! this is a great collage - love it!!! bet they were thrilled with the result!!!
I hope Maggie is feeling better. Sending positive kitty vibes your way.
Oh Claudine, I am so happy to hear about the positive change in temperature! My thoughts are with you all. Thanks for the updates! Hugs to you all!!
it broke my heart to read your posts about your beautiful cat and the love you have for her! I'm so sorry and hope that she feels better real soon! Love your blog and art!!!
Claudine, you are such a good mommy to sweet Maggie. I love how you went to spend time with herat the animal hospital. I am sure it was beneficial to both of you.
Oooh that's sweet and lovely!
Love your commissioned piece! Glad Maggie is holding her own...hope she improves greatly!
Love the adorable collage!!! How cute is that couple!!! Glad to hear a bit of encouraging news about Miss Maggie. I'm sure that was wonderful for both of you to be able to spend some time together. Sending more good thoughts and wishes your way.
Even going through such a tough time, you are amusing - "fake happy" made me laugh because I do the same with my dog. I'm sure that Maggie knows you love her.
Time spent my sick dog at the animal hospital was so precious. Those are the moments when you really know that humans and animals can communicate with each other and know each other's hearts.
Did you ever link her illness to the tainted food? I haven't read the whole blog so don't know but it sounds suspiciously like that.
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