where does the day go?
What a busy day - the time just flew away! The photoshoot went well. Thank you for all your well wishes! We did manage to get a couple photos with the furkids included.

Maggie climbed up on my art table while I was "working" and they got some shots of her lounging while I "created". Which was great because that's what she does normally anyway and they said they wanted it to be natural!We got Toby in one of the photos and I hope they use it, he even had is tongue out which made it extra cute! If I can get permission from the photographer I'll post the Maggie and Toby pics later this week.

After the photoshoot, I worked on
commissions and other things that need to get done. Here's a PoppetTM Sketch commission that I finished up of a cute lady and her granddaughters.

I'm looking forward to
The Amazing Race tonight. I discovered I have "six-degrees of separation" from a contestant on this season. My good friend Martha's boyfriend Larry, has a niece (Yolanda) who is on the show! Of course, now I am totally rooting for Yolanda and Ray to win!
the new commission is awesome - as always!!! hugs, rach
I LOVE the Amazing Race! Go Yolanda and Ray! Did you seeeee the look Ray gave those Brazilians when they were whistling and oooogleing Yolanda? when they were putting that motorbike together? LOL
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