time flies!
Wow, I'm up late! It's already Saturday as I am posting this! Where did the day go? Seems like it was just lunch time and now it's late.

Got a lot of work done today, here's a PoppetTM Sketch
commission that I shipped out today. I love the way this little guy is peeking out behind her skirt.

Paul got free tickets from his work to Stars on Ice. So we thought, we like ice skating -- let's go and see what's it like.

It was kind of odd
. Scott Hamilton was videotaped and then played on these large TV screens narrating the show as if he was really there. I hate fakey narration stuff like that. I would have preferred some no-name person announcing the skaters. It could have been better if they had just let the skaters skate instead of making them act out silly scenarios along with Scott Hamilton's disembodied head and trying so hard to be funny. I felt sorry for them, they are such amazing athletes and performers and now they are being made to act silly and skate to Meatball's "I would do Anything for Love" which is stuck in my head and it won't go away. The whole time we were there I was thinking about VH1's Awesomely Bad Love Songs, I think the soundtrack to Stars on Ice came directly from VH1's love song line-up.

Still it was fun to see the stars skate and I got out of the house, so that was good!

Thanks to
Art Esprit for the great review of my artwork! They also asked me to send some work in for their gallery in NH. yay!
I love the new commission Claudine! The little boy is adorable. The Star on Ice performance seemed really lack luster. Congrats on the awesome review!
Thanks for the mention Claudine! We are anxious to get a peek at your work... many of my readers are talking already!
Love the little boy in the commission too! They both look so stunning in their lavendar hues.
-- Susan
Congratulations on the nice review, Claudine!

You're Awesomely Bad Love Song reference had me laughing. I can't tell you how many times I've sat and watched that show (sad life, huh?). The "image" from that show that always comes to mind is the one of the guy with his sweatshirt hood pulled tight around his face, looking completely in agony. I need a photo like that, it just feels like life sometimes! :^)

Also, thanks for putting, "I Would Do Anything for Love" in my head now too! LOL!

that VH1 Show is totally addictive, Paul and I have watched them all, once you start watching you can't stop. And they are so funny!
beautiful work Claudine!!

and i can't believe they ruined stars on ice like that!! i went to see it a few years ago, it was amazing up close...sad to hear it's changed so much!!
yeah Paul said when he saw it a few years ago it was really good. The format was just so silly and forced. i really felt for the skaters who had to act all silly!
What an adorable piece of work! I love the little kitty!

Thanks for stopping by my space! Pretty cool! ;-)

I hope I get a chance to meet you in a few weeks!
Take care,
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