studio pets
I heard from the Tampa Tribune and they said I could share a couple of the photos they took yesterday with you. yay!

Here's one of me and Maggie in the studio. Maggie is lounging on my art table (like she usually does while I am working) and playing with one of my paintbrushes. She likes to "help" me work. Usually by laying across a freshly painted canvas and then tracking little acrylic paint paw prints around the house. You might notice she has no tail. She had to have it removed because it was damaged when we found her as a little tiny 4 week old kitten. So now she looks like a little bear.

Here's another pic on my Flickr account of Toby and I in the studio, Mabel was too shy to come out and have her pics taken!

We're off to the Tax accountant today. Stressful! I'm making sure I bring
Imitrex with me, incase of a migraine which is highly likely. At least I have Project Runway tonight to perk me up!
This is wonderful! Your love of animals and your playfulness shine through!
Great photos. Maggie is so playful and the photo of you and Toby is beautiful. Toby is beyond cute. I love his furry feet. He looks like he has slippers on !
Great pics. Can't wait for PR since I missed AR last night.
Love seeing your studio. Say..are the cubes from Target?
yes! they are from Target! I love them, cheap and functional :)
claudine! you guys are sooooo cute!!! love seeing you 'at' work in your element with the furry ones!!! thanks for sharing and hope all is well! hugs, rach
Is this where you sit while you create your 20 minute collage challenges?
Maggie and Toby are sooooo cute! I have a softer spot for black haired animals, I don't know why, maybe because I had a black Irish Setter back in the day! I grew up on a farm and we had all kinds of animals, mostly dogs and cows! Now I am allergic to all animals! I have to take an allergy pill to go to the zoo!LOL
Adorable pics!
What a great picture!
I can not wait to see the article! This is adorable what a great shot of you and Maggie! What a doll she is!
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