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Another busy day, working on commissions. I've also been helping my friend Bernie with her blog. Bernie runs her own grassroots animal rescue and she is an amazing gal. I've been tinkering with her blog to make it more functional and easier for people to donate supplies to her, but those LiveJournal templates are a nightmare, so need more time to fiddle.

Paul and I had a relaxing evening watching
Project Runway re-runs I can hardly wait for the finale on Wednesday. The suspense is killing me!

Last call for artwork for the new podcast!
Here's how to play. We'll need all submissions by Sunday night because we want to post it on Monday. Thanks to everyone who has sent work in! It is so much fun to see all the variations on the same theme.
Your friend Bernie is amazing ! Thanks for telling us to check out her blog and all she is doing.
Bernie is such a wonderful person to meet. When she lived in WI I took a Michael DeMeng class with her that she organized.

I love Bernie! She's such a sweetie. She's going to move to a blogger blog so I can make it all nice for her. I just can't get that LiveJournal template to work, it's a nightmare!

I love all she does for the animals so I am happy to do anything I can to help her.
Bernie ROCKS (and so do you)! I am so glad she is moving to blogger. . . LiveJournal is so hard to get around and organize! I think this could really help get the word out if her blog was more accessible.
awwwwwwwwwww, bernie rocks! thanks claudine for directing us to her blog! she is amazing what she does for animals! we rescued our dog from a shelter and it's the best thing we ever did and i hope that we can continue to do this! i'm going to work on donating money to bernie's efforts - go bernie go!

on a podcast note: i'm so excited and can't wait for it to air - always looking forward to your next latest and greatest!

just finished reading THE book in all it's glory - the one that my secret bunny sent me! i'm full of it - by that i mean, i'm full of inspiration and i owe it all to you! your book was incredible - thank YOU!!!

hugs and have a great week! rachel
Thank You!!! for hosting Podcasts!!! Such FUN!!! I'm spreading the word today soooo you should be getting some more!!! and Yessss! Bernie is great!!! I don't know how she does it but she is a dog and cat's (or any animal for that matter) best friend!!! Tell her I said that!! I'm glad she is coming to Blogger! She doesn't know who I am but I was in some chunky books with her and did a page for her in her animal chunky book! xo, Cinda
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