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Random thoughts from this weeks episode of Project Runway.

I thought it was ironic that just after Santio gets done saying he's learned from watching the show to be nicer, he points out that Chloe's collection looks like a "couch is walking towards you." But I kind of agree, the sleeves are SO big on those clothes!! I really don't like it. I was rooting for Chole, but now I am doubtful she'll win.

Poor Daniel, Tim saying that his purses looked liked they were made in wood shop! Daniel seems really confident. I still think he might win, but my friend Brian emailed me that there is much speculation that Santio is the winner... apparently, Santio was on Regis and Kelly and Regis was asking him what he was going to do with all the money.... hmmmm.

I really felt for all of them when Tim told them they had to design a whole new look to be included in their collection. Seems like they had enough stress just getting everything ready. I would have started crying too!

Interesting choice by Chloe to choose Diana to help her with her final look. I thought for sure she would choose Kara or Emmett, Diana doesn't seem to be the kind of a person who is a "take charge girl" and that's what you need when you are getting last minute help.

I can hardly wait until next week!!
Ditto on everything, Claudine! I was surprised by Chloe's collection...I usually like her stuff. I think one of the outfits looked like a bad bridesmaid's dress...

And Daniel. Hmmm...not sure about him. I actually have to say that I do like Santino's collection the best of all of them...

Or should I say, Santego...
I totally agree. Bad bridesmaid dresses are the best description for Chloe's. what was she thinking?
She usually does such classy designs. blech.
I am bummed about the thought of Santino winning. At least I liked Jay, even though he was brash and arrogant. He wasn't really mean. Santino is mean! I still want Chloe to win!
First, my disclaimer, sorry for the long post, the opinions expressed are from someone who has ZERO designing talent, so these opinions are worth that much as well: Oh my gosh, I can't believe the emotional roller coaster tonight and I'M not even on the show!! :^) They sure tried to make Santino look human tonight. I kept telling myself the show was putting it together that way so we'd feel for him...but I still fell for it, HOOK, LINE, and SINKER! I really liked his stuff way better than the others and I empathized with his more vulnerable side. I DID wonder at one point if he paid a family to be on the show with him. ;^) (With Santino I can't help but be a little cynical). I felt for Daniel because I know I hate the feeling when you put your work out there and some one just says, "hmm..." UGH! Sadly, I have to admit I didn't like his line at all. I disliked Chloe's line more! I liked so much of what she did during the show, but whenever I think of that puffy sleeved fushia satin-y dress I think of "Prom Queens Gone Wild". I've rarely been right in my life, so I won't be placing any bets in Vegas, but I feel like it has to be Santino.
I cant wait to actually see their lines on the models next week! I HOPE Santino has learned some PEOPLE skills after seeing him self on the show. He said he was "broke"; however the house he was renting looked POSH to me. Hearing of his history and seeing him with his best friends children did give me hope that some of his GRINCH like character was perhaps encouraged, so he would be the villian of the show.
I'd say it could be any one of them, but personally, I'd like Daniel to win. I liked his "crafty purses, thought the handle size could have been a bit smaller.
My boy looked like a doll last night. Seeing him with his friends' kids climbing all over him brought a tear to my eye, but my real favorite part of the show was how hard Danny boy was flirting with Tim and how nutty he acted when he thought Tim didn't like his stuff. Maybe they did edit it to make Santino lokk better because he did win...?
debbi -- I thought Daniel was flirting with Tim too. Ok so it wasn't just me.
I love this SHOW!! I can not wait until next weeks's epi... I think Daniel stuff looks unfinished and I think Tim is right. Not taking enough risks. I like most of his designs throughout the season. OK...I was not a fan of Santino near the end but the boy has talent. I loved the dress he showed Tim. I think he may win. What was Chloe thinking when she picked Dirty Diana??? LOL I gues since they have similar styles but the girl is a little cluessless. That is my five cents. Claudine, love the art you did of Donna. YOU ROCK!!! I may have to get some poppets, do u make them for WOC?

hey there!! Yeah I have to admit I did like that blue baby doll dress Santio showed Tim during the episode. He really did tone down all this florishes that he normally adds to the clothes and they do look the most creative AND wearable. hmmm I really wanted Chloe to win but after seeing her bad bridesmad/prom nightmare dresses now I don't have hope for her.

So excited you like the piece I did for Donna, I had a blast working on it. She is a cool gal!

What's WOC? Let me know!
I agree that Chloe is bad bridesmaid dress is a big THUMBS down. I think Santino is the most creative and wearable line. I lvoe the Amazing Race too but Tivo it and haven't watched it all yet. I agree couldn't get into the family challenge entirely too many people to watch. I am excited about this season seems alot more adventerous. I will watch Survivor live since no more Dancing with the Stars. GO DREW!!!LOL WOC-Women of Color...i thought about sp. it the first time but was too lazy. LOL

oh! WOC! LOL! totally! ANYONE can be a Poppet(tm). I would love to make you a poppet!!

Just email me - Here's the page on my web site with all the info :)
Spoiler Alert!

You guys may have already seen the designs from the fashion show, but just in case...

What's cool is that Kara's show is also there. I think her line was the best. She really pulled it all together
OK...after looking at the spoiler I think Chloe is has a great chance at winning. Some of Santino's things look bad. Can't wait until next Wednesday to see who the winner will be. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

I know! wasn't it fun to see all the lines!?

kara had to be in there because at the time of the Fashion Week show the episode where they pick the final three hadn't aired. I really liked kara's collection too and hopefully she got some buzz out of it even thought she couldn't win.
I really liked Kara's's too bad this wasn't the type of thing she showed on the show...:( I loved all the color in the sea of drab. I know it was to be winter 2006 collections, but they seemed so dreary.

It was interesting to see who they picked to help too, Daniel should have chosen Emmett as he is an excellent Tailor and Sewer and could have done all Daniel's details that he hates to do so much so he could concentrate on finishing the new design. And Andrea is so high maintenance, but maybe he and Santino just got along the best.?

Chloe's collection is so 'shiny' and 'poofy'. It will be interesting to hear the 'judges' feedback. In the preview they seemed 'underwhelmed' again.

I loved the 'Project Jay' special. Poor Jay, I can't believe he went to all that work of making a dress for Heidi and then with hours to go she went for a 'different' look...which cracked me up because she asked him to make her a sexy fire engine red dress...and then went with white/pastel garden print!? I don't blame him for being mad.

Love Love Love the poppets :) so clever! Loved the one you did for Donna.

I loved Project Jay too. i was upset to find out that it's only the one episode. I want that to be a whole series!! I heart Jay.

i could totally relate when Jay gets that call from Heidi at the 11th hour. I've had quite a few projects I've been busting on for various companies and then it gets pulled at the last minute.

Paul is mad at Heidi forever now and won't forgive her for what she did to Jay. Me too!! Shame on heidi!
Jay tried so hard not to say mean things about Heidi or cry but don't you know he was hurt! I would've loved to be a fly on the wall after THAT phone call from Heidi's assistant!
My bet's on Chloe for winner next week. Still can't bring myself to cheer for Santino. Chloe is one of 8 girls escaped from Laos. . . I mean you can't find anyone more attractive for the sponsors to support.
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