quick collage podcast #3
The third "quick collage podcast" is here!

The "quick collage podcast" is art challenge in which I make a collage in 20 minutes around a theme that Paul reveals to me moments before we start the clock.

The theme for this episode is "hurt."

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After you've listened to the podcast, click here to see the finished artwork.

We thought it would fun to invite other artists to join in to see how many variations on the same theme could be created. Click here to see a Flickr photo set of their submissions. If you've haven't made your artwork yet, or didn't get it into us in time - don't worry! You can still send it in. Just email your artwork around the theme of "hurt" to Paul, and we'll post it.

Thank you to all who participated this time, it was so much fun to see what you made! If you'd like to play along in the next podcast, stay tuned to my blog, we'll post directions here.

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Nice job for only 20 minutes Claudine! Paul is fun to listen to as well. :)
claudine! just listened to the podcast - way to go! i love hearing paul in the background eggin' you on OR encouraging you about polka-dots and telling you there is PLENTY of time - grrrrrrr, argh! and spillin' beer - like my hubby says, beer abuse - VERY sad! tee, hee! you two are FAB together! thanks for including me in the album - i feel soooooooo special now! i'm off to create!
Loved the podcast! I listened a second time while I was looking at the collage. I do have a question... Did you use paint or paper on the background (light blue)? I struggled with getting my inks to dry quickly, so I am thinking I probably need to go with a paper background if I'm working quickly. Also, do you have your images already cut before you start working? I am so impress that you can find your images so quickly (but then maybe your work area is way neater than mine)! Looking forward to your next podcast!
Misty Mawn told me I better get iTunes! I'll have to now for sure! LOL Yesss, Paul and you are really cute to listen to altho my aol mp3player or whatever it is called isn't working sooo well and I didn't get to hear it all!!!! and that was the taste one, I haven't even heard the "hurt" one yet!!! UG!!!ROCK ON DUDES! lol been watching the American Idol and that Randy has me saying Dude again and dog!!! LOL Phew! but I just spread the word about this great ART adventure soooo I better seeeeee some more podcasts submissions!!!as Bob Hope's shows would say"Thanks for the Memories!"

I there! I used paper for the background on this piece, just not enough time for paint! I don't have anything cut out in advance I just go for it! I do set out piles of photos, and also piles of colored papers so I can go a little faster :)

thanks for all the nice comments everyone! So glad you like the podcast!!
I'm in awe of some of the great work in the Flickr photo set. You are a talented group.
Claudine, you are just too cute! No, I am not a stalker or anything like that. I just listened to your podcast #3 and I love the way you and Paul interact with each other while you hurry to finish your collage. You both sound like you have a ton of fun doing these recordings. I have seen you on the Carol Duval show, so I can just picture you running back and forth to the copy machine and cutting out your images of people for the collage, etc. What fun!
Claudine, wow. You are not only one immensely talented chica, but a blessed one as well...I can tell from listening to only two podcasts that you and Paul are a match made in heaven. Keep rockin' the canvas, girl. :) You amaaaaaze.

"Beyond the Unexpected" has been sitting on my nightstand for a month and I'm sad because it's due back to the library in three days. Eeek! I said I wasn't going to buy any more idea/instructional books in '06...drat. Totally rethinking that *stupid* resolution. ;)

I am so enjoying your podcasts...please don't ever stop. :)

so glad you like the podcasts! I know I am a lucky, lucky girl to have Paul -- he's the greatest!!
I really like your podcasts! I am big fan of Project Runway too - but didn't get *why* until you said it was seeing the "creative process in action". Your 20 min collage idea is great - especially about working fast and not editing or being a critic to yourself. Your final results turn out fantastic! It's surprisingly interesting to just hear rather than see (and hear) your thought process as you create. Especially the wrap up dialog. The dialog between you and your husband is fun to hear too. You two seem very in love - it's cute!
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