packing and cleaning
Spent today packing up supplies to ship out for my next workshop in Coupeville WA.

I'll be out there almost two weeks because after I teach at the Coupeville Arts Center, I have two days off and then I teach at ArtFest. So lots of stuff to send ahead! I weighed the box I packed and it's 40lbs. and I probably have another one to send too!

I also cleaned and got my studio ready for the photoshoot tomorrow. A photographer from the Tampa Tribune magazine, Flair, is coming to take photos of me "at work" in the studio for an article.

Oh boy! You'd think I'd be really excited, but I am a little bit nervous about it.

I have never had an "outside person" (non-friend or family member) come and see my "studio" which is actually my formal living room. When I think about them coming and seeing my art and workspace, I get a little knot in my tummy. I guess I feel kind of shy about it.

Well I'd better get an early night. I want to clean the house a little bit before they come to make a good impression!

Hi Claudine,
Your strong shining spirit and absolutely unique and wonderful creations are what they will see and be interested in. THe rest is just details.
Oh...just think of all the comissions this article will bring =) =)
Sending calming energy your way.
Wish I was going to Artfest!! Maybe next year! About tomorrow, just be yourself!!! I'll be thinking of you and say a little prayer for your nerves! xo, Cinda R. O
Everything will go great! You seem very at ease and they will be so impressed with your artwork--you're golden!
You will be fine,,,just have the jitters about thinking what is going to happen. GOOD LUCK!
Good Luck
I like your work so much ..
Good luck Claudine! It sounds wonderful and I am sure you will be marvelous!

xo Susan
Hey Claudine! I hope to see you at ArtFest!

Just a little off-topic: have you seen this blog?

It's pretty good!
thanks guys for all your well wishes!

It went pretty good! I felt a little silly pretending to make art and such for the camera, but hopefully it looked ok. I managed to wear my cute apron from Anthropologie and then forgot to take off my slippers! So my fuzzy slippers might end up in some pics. LOL.

Maggie climbed up on my art table while I was "working" and they got some shots of her lounging while I "created". Which was great because that's what she does normally anyway and they said they wanted it to be natural!

We got Toby in one of the photos and I hope they use it, he even had is tounge out which made it extra cute!

yay! it's over! now I can relax. whew!

thanks for the Project Runway link!
Did you read the interview with kara!! how interesting!!

Yes, I did read Kara's interview! I really wish she had made it to the final three....Did you happen to see her line? I didn't and have heard it's gorgeous! She seemed pretty disappointed when she wasn't selected by any of the final three to help in the final outfit production...
I am sad that the show will donr tomorrow but at the sametime I can't wait to see it.
My Mom's best friend lives in Coupeville and runs a little shop down there called Collections on the waterfront. You should check it out! And definitely get an orange roll at the Knead and Feed!!!! It's a great place- I've spent many happy summer weeks there!

I've been in Collections, it's such a CUTE store! And Knead and Feed is soooo yummy. My fav. restaurant there is Christopher's I ate there every night last time I taught there. They were like - you again!
way to go claudine!!! you continue to amaze me! hugs, rach
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