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Yesterday Paul and I went over to our niece's house to learn how to administer medicine for her diabetes. Maiya is almost 6 years old and she was diagnosed with type1 diabetes at age 4. My sister in law is about to have another baby (in 5 weeks!), Paul and I need to learn how to care for Maiya when the new baby is being born. This is also good stuff for us to know anyway incase of an emergency.

Many people get type1 diabetes and type2 mixed up and think that diabetes means that you need to drink orange juice after a workout or have a candy bar, but with type1 it is much more serious than that.

Maiya has to be kept to a very strict schedule of blood checks and shots. She gets her blood checked 5 times a day and shots 3 times a day. Paul and I learned how to fill the syringes with insulin and then we practiced giving each other shots with saline. Those of you who know me, know that I am super squeamish. Even the mention of blood can send me into a dizzy spell. So I was really proud of myself that I was able to give the shot to Paul. All it took was to think of Maiya having to get this done 5 times a day (every single day!), and I could steel my nerves. Maiya is one brave little girl!

We still have a lot to learn so that we'll be ready to care for her when the new baby is being born, but we are practicing filling the syringes every night and trying to memorize her schedule so that everything will go as smoothly as possible. If you'd like to learn more about juvenile diabetes here's a link to the
JDRF web site.
What a brave little girl! I am so motivated to keep my day-job when I read stories like this, though. I work for a biotech company that does diabetes research. We do lots of JDRF activities here. It's so nice to work for an organization that has improving the quality people's lives as a corporate goal. Thanks for sharing.
What a sweet, kind and caring Aunt and Uncle you and your hubby are. To take such an active role in your niece's care is fabulous.

Diabetes is such a complicated illness. I have parents with Type 2 and can't even imagine what it's like to have a loved one with Type 1.

Good luck with your Sister-in-law and the birth of her new baby.
Claudine you are truly wonderful aunt * uncle.!
I see a "big sister" Poppet in the near future =)
MB are a good aunt!! i don't know if i could give myslef a shot much less anyone who is close to me....she's a brave little girl!!
bless her heart & yours for helping them out! did you catch the show miracle workers last night? There was the sweetest little boy on with severe scoliosis. here's to those brave little souls who have to travel roads that would frighten adults......
best wishes for the new baby!!!
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