long day
This morning I had a great session with my coach. She always has a way of figuring out just what I need to talk about. I think she really has ESP and just hasn't told me about it.

I had a long day in the studio. It always amazes me how tired I am after 4 or 5 hours working. So many decisions exhaust my brain. This color or that color, this photo or that photo etc etc...

Tonight I watched Maria Full of Grace on HBO. It was a good movie, but I spent the whole time watching it all hot and sweaty just thinking about her swallowing all those drugs. Definitely, not a good movie to snack to.

Paul and I are thinking we might end up watching that cooking show on Bravo after all. They have some pretty outrageous personalities and I think it's going to be pretty interesting. That one guy they kicked off this week was totally crazy! I don't think I'll be as hot for it as Project Runway, but it could be good.
Well what the heck else is there to watch until Project Runway Season 3? I just want to buy boxed sets of season 1 and 2 and watch them over and over...I am obsessed. I want Tim Gunn to come raid and critique my closet. PS - cute oven! :)
Blow Out about Jonathan Antin's salons in Hollywood starts again on March 21, but if you di'nt like Santino, you won't like Jonathan. Have you seen Number One Single on E Entertainment about Lisa Loeb's quest for a husband? She's kinda nutty, but I like the show. And we can't forget Idol - or can we? Ace is the Cutey Cuterson, but I think Chris will win.
How did you find a coach that would work well with you?

What role does your coach play exactly? Is your coach a creativity coach or another artist?

Do you meet in person or via email?

I'm very interested in the idea of a coach but am wondering how it all works.
You know, come to think of it, that movie made me feel weird watching it, too. First of all, I could never swallow that giant bag of coke. But assuming I could manage it, the increased acidity of my stomach from the stress of knowing what I had rolling around in there would certainly eat right through the casing. LOL

I met my coach at one of my workshops and we clicked right away, she asn't doing coaching at the time but when she started she let me know. We stick to business stuff and creativity. We talk on the phone about every two-three weeks. I have found her so helpful.

I don't think I can watch Blow Out. i saw that guy on the Ali G Show, when Ali G interviewed him and he is such a jerk. Might make for good TV but I can't stand him!!
I like cooking shows in general so I think this runway cooking thing could be interesting. Bought your new book and enjoyed reading it. It was almost like hearing your voice on the podcasts which I do love.

Does a coach help you focus on the work and not the gremlins that keep you from working? I have lots of gremlins.

yes we're working on the gremlins, I have a lot too! LOL! so glad you liked the book :)
Hi Claudine! I'm so happy to find your blog! I've been reading it tonight and really enjoying it!

I also finally got your new book and am loving it as well - it's FANTASTIC. (And thanks so much for including Artella as a resource in the back.)

Take care!

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