last walk down the runway
Yay!! I am so excited that Chloe is the winner of Project Runway! I don't know what to say!

I had resigned myself to Santio winning. Then tonight when I saw that first dress in his collection, I was SURE he was going to win. It was so lovely. I really thought his collection was great in the end, and found it interesting that they penalized him for toning down his look.

I felt sorry for Daniel, but I wasn't rooting for him as much as I was Chloe, I was hoping she would win since day one. And even though I didn't like her collection I think they chose the best person. She has business smarts and design sense.

Now I am sad it is all over, what will I do with my Wednesday nights? I don't know if I'll watch that cooking show they are using to replace Project Runway. I did hear that PR was signed for a 3rd season, so we'll have next year to look forward to!
I'm torn...! I'd been rooting for both chloe and daniel v. and so I'm thrilled that they were the final two. happy for chloe utlimately, though... both of them had some gorgeous GORGEOUS pieces. and santino did too but his collection lacked a cohesiveness. wow, I think I'm starting to sound like nina and michael.

oh, so sad that project runway is over now. truly, my favorite show on tv these days... wouldn't hurt so bad if they'd just give us project jay.

ah, but there will be another season for us to devour and pick apart... yay!
Boo Hoo...Project Runway is over. I am glad that Chloe won. I really liked Daniel, but hopefully he will take Michael Kors up on his offer. They all seemed to really like him a lot. Can't wait for next season!
I loved the finale!! I liked parts of Santino's collection but it didn't seem like him, especially after some of the winning pieces he designed during the show. I loved Chloe's dresses, although the first pink one was a bit scary!! Daniel's stuff looked good....I was so happy they were the final 2!!!
OMG...PR just finished in Cali and my heart is still beating out of my chest!! All 3 did an amazing job and I almost screamed when Daniel's model Rebecca tripped on her dresses' train! I just knew they wouldn't let the winner be on R&K BEFORE the finale!! Yay Chloe! I too loved her from the start!ahhhh it's over...sigh can see Kara's collection in bonus video on Bravo's site!
It was so interesting to me how last week they made it look like Daniel's collection was a little shaky and then how good it looked on the runway. Santino's work was a departure from the designs he had done on the show, but I thought he did good job at finding the middle - some Santino, some incorporating the "advice" of the Nina and Michael. Of course, I think he should have won. I think my favorite Chloe dress was the 13th one with the pockets, especially since the mini-buzz over the Oscar dresses with pockets and it wasn't that horrid metallic pepto bismol pink. - yup, sour grapes, but as my boy once sang, "Lighten up, it's just fashion."
I was afraid to hope against hope that Chloe would win, but she did and I'm so happy too!!

Daniel will be fine and probably Santino too, but I can't feel too badly for Santino because of his mean comments throughout the show - awful - I can't get past that.
I was torn too...
I thought Daniel V's was nice but VERY safe (looked like a lot of what is already out there) and thought it was funny there were NO comments on his handbags (+ or -).

Santino did just what they asked and then they criticized him. I didn't see a 'theme' running through his collection but liked the fact he did his own music. :)

Nina seemed especially tame lastnight...hmmmm...what's up with that? I was unclear why Debra Messing was a guest judge when she said she's never gone to fashion week before (?) maybe they should have gotten someone who goes every time.

Chloe's collection seemed so poofy and shiny to me, I loved her last look. And she really was the most 'realistic' of the 3 about the business side of things.

Please BRAVO, hear our cries and give us Project Jay!!!
now that I think about it... did Daniel even show those handbangs in the runway? I can't remember seeing them...

yes! Project Jay! Please!! Maybe we should all write to Bravo. LOL!
Hhmph! I didn't think Chloe's collection was that great...none of them blew me away. Put them up next to Kara Saun's and Jay's collections from last season and they would've totally paled.

But I liked Chloe's stuff throughout the season...

Go to and watch the video of Kara Janx's collection. She should've been in the final three AND the overall winner. Her collection was innovative and creative...I want one of those hats!

Yes, give me more Project Jay!
I agree, I loved Kara's collection. I wish she could have been in the final 3, if not the winner.

it was really interesting reading this interview with her. She talks about how she even had to create a 13th outfit, with all the time constraints but she wasn't even in the final 3! She also had to hide in the shadows during all the filming so that way she wouldn't show up in the last episodes.
Last night, though, I did see one of the hats on a model during the backstage scurrying of the runway show...I thought that was funny!
I loved the finale!! But will miss the show until it comes on again. I think Chloe's collection was the best. I love the Project Jay episode and I hope they make it a series.
I didn't like her 80s prom dresses...boohoo
I was rooting for Daniel but going into this show he was getting so cocky, I started being a little annoyed. I also thought Santino's collection was amazing. I thought Chloe had some great pieces but I could not STAND that puffy-sleeve pink dress. That is a fashion don't! I too am sad it's over! Luckily I still have American Idol! :)
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