it's tuesday!
Another day catching up on things and working on commissions. Here's a PoppetTM Sketch commission that I just finished up of these cute ladies.

I decided to change out one of the walls in my studio. I used to hang my finished artworks there but then I realized it makes me not want to sell them if I put them on display, because I get attached.

So I thought I'd change out the wall and make it an inspiration wall with a new bulletin board that I ordered.

It's HUGE!

Now I have to get some fancy tacks for it. Or maybe I can make some with those glass beads. Yeah right, I'll never get around to doing that.

I saw
this desk at Target and now I am lusting it. It would be the perfect desk for my studio. But then maybe I would be afraid to get it all painty if I get such a nice table. I guess I could cover the top with plastic. I'll have to measure and see if it fits.
hey claudine,
that is the best new table ever for artists. thanks for the tip... i need just one more! and this may be it!
Claudine - I saw that desk at Target yesterday and yelled across the aisle to my husband, Look at this desk, I LOVE it! Which size bulletin board did you get. I have been looking at those for months and months. jealous :)

bye for now

I think the table is great, especially with the shelves underneath for storage. What about having a piece of glass or plexi cut to cover the top to protect it from getting all "painty."
Ah... I think getting it all "painty" would be great. It would give it personality and make it YOURS.
Mornin' Claudine. I have a sheet of indestructible "stuff?" that I bought online on top of my desk. It's cool b/c I can shovel or sweep :) the mess and have a relatively clear space for the next round of play! and my desktop is unscathed. (re: Ballard-at Christmas I gave dh the catalog & and note that said "Choose anything in this catalog & you'll score mucho points with me!"
Hi Claudine!
There are some pretty pushpins on this website:
yeah, doesn't that desk look like the one at Pottery Barn but $800 cheaper!

suzanne, what's the stuff that's on the top of your desk?

Jen B -- I got the 40" x 60" message board. A splurge, but I know I'll use it forever. I wanted the biggest one but didn't want to spend that much.

jenny r - thanks for the links to the cute tacks! yay!
Glad to know someone else feels that way about their creations. My DH saw a bunch of things I made on a shelf in my office and said "why don't you sell these?" I think not! In fact, I made a collage for a friend that I liked so well, that I am now making another one to give to her. Maybe someday I'll get past feeling so attached. Maybe.
Love the desk and the bulletin board sounds fantastic!!
Babsarella -- oh I know! I have the hardest time parting with my work. I feel sad when each piece is gone.

I've been getting better about it though and one step that has been helping me is not to display them in my home -- just stack them up in the studio, then it's not so hard when they are gone.
i love that desk. it is awesome!
Targee is the best. LOL
I love the bulletin board and the table!
I just started clipping things to a bulletin board today, although it is nowhere as nice as yours!
The Target trestle table is awesome! I have 2 of them in my craft room and can't rave enough about them. You won't regret it, Claudine.

And I love the board you chose from Ballard. Hope you'll share pics once you get your room situated!

wow! TWO tables! you must have a nice big room. I just measured and the table will just about fit. It would mean having to turn to the side to scooch around it to get to the other side. So now i have to decide what to do. darn it!
I know, such decisions we face. Just to give you an idea as to how I managed to fit 2 tables in my small room, I've pasted a link below that will lead you to a pic of it.

It is very functional for me. Plus I have extra space when I have one of my girlfriends over for a night of crafting.

Good luck with your decision!
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