it's a miracle!
Paul and I grew our own food! Well it is just one teeny tiny strawberry, but it's a start, and we ate it and it actually tasted good! We planted tomato and strawberry plants a few months ago and they are starting to bear fruit to our amazement (we do not have green thumbs).

Tonight we took the strawberry and ceremoniously cut it in half and each took a bite.

Maybe one day we'll have enough for a whole shortcake or at the very least to each have our own strawberry.
Feels good, doesn't it? I live in a cookie-cutter suburb (unfortunately) and I am the only one in my neighborhood I know that grows food in their backyard. I have raspberries, strawberries, an herb garden, usually grow corn and tomatoes, onions, sometimes lettuce. I love getting to go out and pick my food just before I eat it! My son loves it does the little girl next door and ...*grin* If you ever get enough berries, I know a great recipe for a really yummy freezer jam!
I love home grown food. I grew up with a garden (my mom's baby). I love cukes, squash, string beans and all that stuff. When I first saw my house fell in love with a garden spot in the back. The first year we were here I planted my own garden. It is so rewarding and great for you. congrats!
Sounds like there might be a Claudine and Paul collage in that story. ;)
My last attempt at a comment seems to have disappeared into the ether. Wanted to say what great memories I have of eating strawberries from the garden and taunting the other kids on the street by eating them extra slow after they had gobbled theirs down. This looks like a perfect strawberry memory.
My hubby has tried to go strawberries several times, and once they were just ready to pick, the squirrels feasted on them. So, he's given up. After seeing your post, I'm thinking he should try again.
woo-hoo! you are so funny! have fun with your ceremony, savor every moment :)
Yum, yum. I'll have to come and visit you now, with fresh strawberries and tomatoes. Funny to think you can already have growing things when we just had our first warm day of the season and planting is still far off.
too much yummo and head turning stuff!

Darling - come to my blog and join in my challenge - I want to make this an international challenge. say you will scrap a 6x6 page of yourself .. please? Id love you to join in. Tell your freinds - lets liberate our beautiful selves xxx
oh yummy, a strawberry! i will hold it, and pet it and love it all the day long! said in the tone of hmmmmmmmm, "what cartoon WAS that" - i'm old - tee, hee! good for you guys!!!! hugs, rachel
that reminds me of my girls favourite childhood book-the little mouse, the red ripe strawberry & the big hungry bear.
I can still remember it word for word after many years.
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