comic relief
I've been super busy yesterday and today, taking a quick break for a cute 'n cuddly cat attack.
I noticed you have a workshop in Cortona Italy...I'm so there but do you know if there are still spaces left? I also noticed you said that you didn't have to pay the deposit til September? Did I read correctly? What are the terms of that? Do I have to send the registration form now and then I can submit the deposit by September? I was supposed to go to Italy for my 30th birthday this summer (because I've been inspired to after watching my all-time favorite movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" and when I heard you were going to go there next year...I changed my mind. I decided to postpone it til next year. I am so excited!!! You've inspired me with my art work and now to find out I can meet you AND be in Italy all in one shot!!! Too cool. Well let me know about the availablity when you get a chance...Thanks in advance.
Paula R.
My email is
Paula -- yes there are spaces still available for Italy. i'll send you email with the details :)
I adore the cat video. . .for more in that vain. . .
stuff on my cat
although this is certainly the cutest photo EVER!
now back to work. . .xoxo
tiffini -- I love that picture on!
it is the cutest ever!
I so want to go on that Italy trip too. I hope there's still space left when I finally make up my mind. I have been trying to convince my husband to come along, though I have a couple of girlfriends who have said things like "if I'm not pregnant" and such. I think I won't have an idea until later in the year. There was an article in the recent Somerset Studio about Cortona, though, and it brought me right back to obsessing! :)
After hearing Claudine and Paul's descriptions of Cortona and the wonderful time they had there last year, I booked to on the trip. it sounds heavenly and I love being with all the talented people and watching them produce great art work.
that was so funny. thanks for sharing that clip.
Claudine: I watched the cat attack video at least five times and laughed aloud each time. My own boy-marvel looks like the kitten.

RE: helping your niece with her medical challenge: I'm so proud of you! After my horrible cold at Asilomar and you telling me what a germaphobe you are, you are really growing in leaps and bounds! Now, you didn't get my disease, did ya? jood
jood - no i'm still a germaphobe! LOL! but helping maiya I can overcome my fear of blood :)
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