busy, busy
It's been a busy day answering emails, and working on commissions. I also have a project for a friend's book that I am working on too - an altered pop-up book - which is WAY harder than I thought it would be, but isn't that always the way?

Here's a 9x12 PoppetTM Canvas
commission that I just shipped out of scrapbooking megastar, Donna Downey. She put it up on her blog, and oh boy was that great for me! So many people read her blog, they came here and asked me to do commissions. yay! I am forever grateful. Thanks Donna!

In other exciting news, the
Tampa Tribune is doing an article on me for their magazine, Flair. They are coming to take photos of me at work in my studio on Tuesday. I am really glad I cleaned out my studio a couple months ago, but now I am hoping it looks "arty" enough and they won't be disappointed when they see it. I'd love it if Toby and the cats can work their way into at least one of the photos.

Thanks to all who have sent in submissions for the podcast. There's still time to play.
Here's how! We'll be posting the new podcast on Monday.
Way to go Claudine! I hope you will post a link to the article when it hits the streets!
oh you betcha!!
This comission is just amazing! I love it!
Fantastic poppet - as usual!! Love the little hand drill! I have to catch up this weekend and listen to your new podcast! »»-(¯`v´¯)--»
yay...this is great! and donna totally rocks!! congrats on the upcoming article! can't wait to see how it turns out!!
claudine -
so glad you'll be posting the new podcast while my sister is visiting - I can complete her "indoctrination" in all things Claudine!

keep up the good work - can't imagine your studio not looking "arty" enough the Tampa Tribune - the photos you post always make it look so interesting! can't wait to hear if the furfaces get in on the photos!! that would give mom a chance to plug it on her blog!

all the best from here.......
The commissions keep getting better and better. I love this latest one. It is carefree and says so much about the subject.
This commission is AWESOME! I have got to get my stuff in order and commission one from you, as well. I keep getting delayed with this or that or something else and miss out on setting one up.
I saw your collage on Donna's blog. It's wonderful. Love all the details you added that are so her.
P.S. Oh my God. Donna's studio looks so awesome! The IKEA shelf totally rocks and your commission is going to go so well in her space! It's gonna shine like the little superstar it is! :o)

My hubby and I just bought a new house and I have already chosen my studio room and was beginning to contemplate how I'd arrange it. Those shelves are going in there. Perfect! And, the little Poppets piece I bought from you the other month is going right in the middle of it all with a little spotlight. LOL Wheeee!!!
you are so amazing, miss claudine!!!!! i've gotten a chance to catch up on all your latest excited about your upcoming tribune article, and i want to see a copy!!!!!! the "kids" better be in there! maybe in their stroller?!
hugs all around - xoxo
WOW! This is absolutely fantastic!!! Saw this on Donna's blog and HAD to come and check out your blog. LOVE IT
huge CHEERS to ya claudine!!! LOVE donna's piece - GENIUS!!!!!! have missed your blog - have been busy yet thinking to catch up!!!! just got your book in the mail as a giftie! i'm hooked and can't get my nose out of it!!! gotta dash, back to THE book! hugs cutie!
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