sleepy saturday
Not a whole lot going on today, I have been so sleepy and out of it, I had a hard time getting any work done... here's a Poppet TM sketch commission of a cute girl and her doggie that I finished up yesterday.

So, I sat in the studio for a couple hours, but could barely stay awake, I tried to do some menial work, cutting out elements and things like that but I just wasn't with it. I am trying not to feel guilty about not having a very productive day. Sometimes it's better to just get out of studio when things aren't flowing then to try and force it, at least that's what I tell myself.

Paul and I rented
Red Eye, it was a good "rental quality" movie, easy-to-follow and I didn't have to think that hard which was perfect since I am exhausted today. My big beef with it was that I didn't think that a midnight flight from Dallas to Miami could be called a red eye. Is it really a red eye if it's just a 3 1/2 hour flight? I thought only West-to-East coast overnight flights were called red eyes. So I spent the whole movie saying "that's not a red eye, it's just a three hour late night flight!"

But still it was entertaining.

I'm going to try and get an early night so maybe I'll be more awake tomorrow.
The only time anyone should feel guilty about not getting their work done is if they willfully blow it off in pursuit of some addiction or selfish craving or out of spite.

Taking time to sleep, refresh, recharge, clear your mind, heal your body is all part of the natural process of living. Never never feel guilty about listening to the body. Our health is far more important than our work. You don't have to be dog sick in order for that to be true.

Your value and your rights and needs are not determined by how much work you put out. Your value is intrinsic. If you push yourself to meet the demands of some taskmaster in your head, your work will suffer. The dischord will show up in your pieces. Be true to what your heart and your body say to you. They speak always in loving tones and only say what is best for your total wellbeing. From that place you are meant to work. From that place you create beautifully and with ease. If you can't get to that place when doing work, then you are not meant to at that time. You are meant to rest. It is all part of the process and not to be considered any kind of personal failure.

You do plenty. Let your resting time be a time of calm reflection and positive brainstorming for future masterpieces. No guilt. :o)

(stepping off my soapbox)
hi claudine and
and bravo jelaine f.! - especially the no guilt part!!! sometimes it easier said than done, but we should all admit that recharging is necessary to the art.
all the best from here.
Ditto to above and in addition, we all need a cave women day, every now and then. No shower, stay in P. J's, no phone, just Veggin, just hanging out, just being =0
I think to move beyond the great inner nag we have to ask ourselves what the term "productive" really means. Polite society has not defined it in a way that is considerate of the individual. If how we define "productive" does not allow for a little self love and self nurturing, especially for the nurturing of the body, then we need to say "hooey" to that definition and try a different approach.
wow! thanks guys! I'm going to print this out and pin it to my studio wall, next time I feel guilty - I'll read it!!
I'm going through a shift in my career. Productive means so many different things to me. I CAN say that I'm ready to define what I want productive to be rather than have a boss tell me. That might be part of why people decide to work for themselves. I guess we just have to remember to support ourselves in knowing when to rest and when to work and feeling good about both. Nobody else will decide for us!
Amen, Ann. Amen! :o)
Megan -- Working for onself is great, but there has to be balance too. For me that is the hardest part. The best part is I am own boss, the worst part is I am my own boss. I can never leave myself for a weekend.

I am working on this with my coach. Someday I will not nag myself to death.

Ann --- totally true, am reading and reading your post, it will become my mantra to shut up my naggy bossy brain.
The best way I've found to describe those times when I need to be quiet and rest is - "percolating"!

When your bossy self starts up, just tell it that you are busy percolating just now. That IS what you're doing, you know. :)
Suzanne G in NC
no rest for the weary YET rest is truly indeed a practice for the GENIUS!!! enough said! get some rest lady! hey, looks like your coach lives in colorado!? hugs claudine!!!
Those inner voices have driven me in my career for 50 years now. I've never totally got them under control. But the advice to totally veg out and shut the world away at least once a week is right on the money. When one is totally driven the creative voices can't talk to us the say way. Claudine stop being so hard on yourself.
I asked my Dad last night and he says that a flight from Dallas to Miami is NOT a red eye! ha! just what a thought!
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