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It was so nice to snuggle down tonight to catch Project Runway. Too bad our hotel doesn't have a restaurant or else we would have ordered room service. Instead I was propped up at the dinner table barely awake!

This episode was super great! I loved the challenge of using plant material to create a party dress. I think Daniel is really becoming the stand out, I didn't even realize until this episode that he had won so many challenges this season. Chloe's dress was my favorite I would love to wear a dress like that even if it was made of leaves and probably really itchy.

It wasn't a surprise Andre was out this week, with his sod dress. I could see he was going for a Jackie-O kind of look, but with these judges the outfits need to show some skin or else they accuse the designer of being dowdy.

It was a great last day at CHA, super busy, and now I am exhausted. I don't know how I demoed all day and then taught that class from 6-8pm, but it all went well --- even if it is a blur. Now it's time for sleep and then tomorrow we fly home all day.

See you Friday!
Gosh, I wish I'd known you were going to Las Vegas in advance. I "know people" and could likely have gotten you a nice room at the Bellagio or Mandalay Bay for a discounted rate. Then you could have ordered room service. :o(

From here on out, I'm rooting for Daniel. He was great.
hi claudine!

this has nothing to do with project runway, and i hope that is okay.

i just wanted to write you a quick note letting you know that i picked up one of your books at the store and found it very charming and helpful. i really enjoyed it.

have a wonderful day!
After being annoyed with the whole Santino situation, I actually liked him in this episode. Maybe he's starting to come down to earth a little. His impression of Tim Gunn is absolutely uncanny! Santino showed us a sense of humor...refreshing!

Daniel is the standout. I think it will be Chloe, Daniel and Santino. Daniel and Chloe are very strong. I did really like Kara's dress as well...

Do you still have your voice after CHA?
I liked Santino better this time as well. I like Chloe the best out of all of them, but Daniel's dress was nice! Chloe has clothing that is wearable. Most of the others are only runway styles, don't you think?
Ya, Chloe's dress was just so cool. I stared in disbelief at how fabriclike it remained. All that meticulous work with the leaves really paid off. So so pretty!
I loved Daniel's dress, I really liked the the color splash with the flowers.
It's too bad Andre is gone, no, I'm not that big a fan of his designs, but we won't be able to hear, "Where is Andre?!"
LOVE Santino's impression!! Tim is such a kick and I'm glad he takes it well. Santino is definitely keeping some of his earlier attitude in check. I'm almost beginning to like him. I wonder if that is the goal... :^)
Claudine, I can't wait to buy your Poppet stamps! Have a great trip home.
Just made it home! Looks like Blogger had a freak out and my bl,og was down for part of the day :( but now it seems to be fixed!

I agree, Santio was better this show, I almost wanted him to win just to see what he would make if he had immunity!

His Tim Gunn impressions were good but not as good as Paul's -- he does the best ones!

So glad to be home, now I have friday and sat and then I have to leave again :(

nighty night!
This was a great episode! Had to record it on DVR and enjoyed watching it last night. I'm too impatient though and always look to see who was eliminated before hand - it's interesting watching how they edit things when you know who's out!
Ali Edwards has a picture with your life-sized poppet on her blog!
it was so nice to see you at CHA, although we hardly got to talk or mingle! hope you will be in az again for art unraveled, let's make plans to hang out then!! your booth of poppets was awesome!! keep up the great work, chica!!! yoursin glitter, kathy :-)
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