let's go magic!
Paul and I are off to an Orlando Magic game tonight.

I will actually get out of the house and have MORE fun! Wow! Twice in a week, can I handle that much play time!?

I ment to get all dressed and ready to try to look nice when I go out tonight, but time got away from me in the studio and now I'll be lucky if I wash the paint off my hands. There's still gel medium on my jeans.

I'm not really a sports girl (well not at all actually). But I do like going to the odd basketball game. Basketball is nice and fast paced not slooooow like football. I can not stand football.

Our seats tonight are super great, only a couple rows back from the court, so we get to see the players in all their super tallness.

Now if we're lucky they will actually WIN. But maybe I am asking too much, Magic have played really badly this year, so hopefully it will be a good game!

Happy Friday! Have a great night!!
So, did you REALLY give up on American Idol? Don't you wanna know what happened with Paris and Ace? Or if "Squeaky" and Bucky made it? If you've kicked the habit, do pass on your "how to stay clean" secrets!
Have fun tonight!

I did watch it a little last night, I just don't think they are very good, there's no one I'm rooting for so I think I might be able to abstain from Idol at least until the very end!
oh and the Magic WON! yay!!!
just want to say hello. i've just signed up for one of your workshops at artfest 2006. so looking forward to learning from you!
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