it's tuesday! oh boy!
Paul and I ventured to the vortex that is Target and stocked up on a bunch of stuff. Then we get home and we realize a whole bag of stuff was left behind. Darnit! Don't you hate that when that happens? Now to decide whether to waste 45min to drive back and get it or to let my hot chocolate and microwave popcorn go.

Other than that, just worked on
commissions today and got a lot of work done. Thanks to Donna for mentioning me on her blog. I got a few orders and it's much appreciated!! You are a sweetie!

Here's a pic of an 18x24 PoppetTM Canvas commission that I just shipped off. This cute couple is getting married on Saturday and she is giving her husband-to-be this piece as a wedding gift! Awww!

Now we're watching The Amazing Race. I love this show. Anyone else watch it? I didn't see last season because the family version annoyed me, just way too many people. I loved it when Joyce and Uchenna won in Season 7 and I was so glad that Rob and Amber didn't win! whew!!

Wow Claudine!

you know I like them all, but this one is special - you must work well under pressure! Smart gal, lucky guy!!! definately one of those pieces I saw and said "I want that"! thanks for sharing!
I missed most of Amazing Race tonite..darn it! I love that show!
Btw, I love the piece you have shown :)
WOW!!! I LOVE the canvas!!! What a WONDERFUL wedding gift!!!!

Barbara Smith
thanks guys! I really like the way it turned out too. Hope the husband-to-be likes it too!
I love the wedding gift art work!

I missed the first half hour of A.R. last night. It's one of my favorite shows. I was sort of hoping the LOUD, screeching sisters would be the ones eliminated. Oh, well. My favorites right now are the guys that dress uniquely. ;) ("Evahbody crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man..") The nerdish couple is kind of cute too.
I was crazy about Joyce and Uchenna! SOOO glad they won...and that 'Romber' didn't. ;)

I was totally hoping that the schreeching ladies would be out. they were so annoying, what was with all that screaming??!!
They probably think it's cute, but then wait till they see how it really sounds when they watch themselves on TV!

should be a good season :)
The Hippie guys are my faves so far - I just really like the kind of person who would race around the world in an orange ruffled tuxedo shirt. My girls just had a fit over the old couple walking past the clue box 100 times. AR was a welcome break from Idol! And tonight, I get my Santino fix. Only 2 more episodes :(
I can't read any of these comments cuz we taped Amazing Race last night to watch today.

I did get a glimpse of the orange pants guy tho, how great & too funny.

I didn't enjoy the family season either. I think it was because the majority of traveling they did was in North America.
Yep I'm going with the sexy hippy boys.
when Uchenna CUT HER HAIR OFF 2 seasons ago, I KNEW they would win!They has such depth and Love between them that shined above all the other competitors.
I missed last night, but will dial in next week.
I want you guys to start watching Boston Legal. It is a fabulous show, great writing, original plots, good acting. I never could stand William Shatner in Star Trek, I love him in this and his scenes with James Spader are a delight. My big fear is that this won't appeal to the young demographic and the network will drop it.
I'm for the hippie guys too!
Them or the mother/daughter team Wanda and Desiree they are so cute together.
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