all clean!
Today we cleaned out the garage, it was brimming with stuff, we could barely get our cars in. I have tons and tons of empty boxes that I keep for packing and shipping artworks, and it was becoming a nightmare! But now it's all clean, hooray!

I had a much better day in the studio today. I worked on both
commissions and my own work at the same time. Nothing really exciting to report as far as my own work goes, it's been so long I feel a little rusty, still I played around with color and line, and tried not to worry about making a big mess. I am going to try to make more of an effort to integrate my personal work into my daily schedule so I don't lose my rhythm. Normally I binge on either all commission work or all my own work, so I'll try a little of both at the same time and see how it feels.

Paul is editing the new podcast tonight (
here are the directions if you want to play along)

I had no idea that this podcast would be so funny! While Paul was editing it, I laughed so hard I snorted diet coke out of my nose! Ahh... feels so good to laugh like that. I don't know if you guys will find it that funny, but I do! I think this will be our best one yet.
I think the podcasts are so clever. I've really enjoyed listening to them. I'm definetely going to do a "hurt" collage. Of course, I've been thinking about the theme since you posted it, so I feel like I've got a head start, but I do plan to do the actual artwork in 20 minutes. Exciting.
Ugh - I am trying to be motivated to clean...not really working. You lady in blue shoes helps though! Love her shoes and the vacuum!
cleaning here too - after ignoring it too long! Nothing like visitors to get me inspired in this department. but mine is coming at the end of 6+ weeks of sorting and purging - and more to get to in the future. for now there is at least a break in sight.

however, i'm thinking you are on to something with those blue shoes. ah, but what color? is red to celebratory to clean in? blue to relaxing?? i probably need some with flames on the side when we get to tackling our garage!

and isn't balance such an interesting challenge too? hmmm lots to think about while i get back to cleaning in my dirty white tennies ;)
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