cha day two
Today was super busy at the show but was also a ton of fun too! It went by so fast, one minute it was morning and the next it was time for dinner.

I got a big crowd at the F+W booth for my second book, that was really exciting and lots of people seem to be noticing the new PoppetTM scrapbooking collection! We trimmed the head off of one of the PoppetTM cutouts so that way people could have their photos taken and become real-life PoppetTM people. Here's a photo of me and Amy Pilkington from Lasting Impressions, she makes a perfect PoppetTM girl don't you think?

Tonight we saw KA, which was totally amazing, I am still trying to absorb the show, such a visual feast!

Tomorrow will be crazy busy, I'll be demoing all day and then teaching a workshop at night. The good news is our hotel has Bravo, so I don't have to miss Project Runway! I know, I'm in Vegas so I should be out living it up, but for me after all this activity at the show - staying in and watching TV sounds like bliss!
Hi Claudine,

Great to hear all is going well!
Amy makes a perfect Poppet =)
Im bummed i didnt make it this year, but more opportunities are on the calendar.
Whoever thought up the idea of blowing up the POppets is a Genius!
You could do one for Ellen Degeneres. She does the live broadcasts with a life size card board photo of herself, where she is live in her studio show. I bet she would LOVE a Poppet pant suit to put her head on =)
Have a wonderful last day!
Hi Claudine
Glad everything is going O.K. for you.
Love the life size Poppets. Every home should have one!

Just wanted to say that on Sunday 29th we also saw a Cirque show 'Alegria' at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Truly amazing.

Can't wait for your scrapbooking collection to become available.
Best wishes.
Oh it looks like you're having so much fun! I LOVE the life-sized poppets!! I hope you teach a local class again soon, I wasn't able to go to the one in Daytona. :o(
Congratulations on getting such a great response at CHA!
Glad you are having a fab time at CHA and that the Poppets are doing well...
aussie art hugs
sounds like you are a busy, busy girl Claudine! i'm with you the razzle-dazzle can wait for another visit! glad to hear your hotel has Bravo -Project Runway and an apple juice nightcap sounds good to me!

glad Paul is along, thinking of you! enjoy!!
Plus, the nicer the hotel the better the room service menu. Most of the hotels here do have full cable (which would include Bravo), but I didn't want to get your hopes up just in case they didn't carry it. But, ya. There's nothing like spending at least one night in and ordering some darn good room service, and watching a movie (or tv show) in bed. Call room service and get some extra pillows and bubble bath soap sent up and then eat 'til you're stuffed, propped up in a bed you don't have to make, have a bath to soak away any sore spots and sleep like a baby!

I love a good hotel. (sigh)
good news is: you are in the same time zone i am this week - so you can't post about project runway before i can watch it! last week i had to catch myself and not read your post till after the show!!!
What a wonderful challenge tonight on PRW. I ate this episode up with glee. I also squeeled with delight for Daniel because I love to paint images of those exact stems of blue orchids (see link attached to my name). But, man, what I would not give to have one of Chloe's leaf dresses. I'd totally wear that any day of the week.
Meeting you IRL was the highlight of CHA for me. I felt like I was stalking you. Loved your demos and adore the Poppets! Can't wait to get my hands on those. You know I love your book. Thanks for much and I look forward to your visit to Clearwater. My poods are awaiting your arrival!
Dottie Clark
Ohhh I took pictures of Kate as this poppet! So good to see you in Vegas.
Oh, I so wish that I was able to meet you there! I was actually working 2 booths down from Lazar, lol. I had my picture taken with the poppet - very cute!!!
I think the Poppet collection is SUCH a cool collection!!! I love it!
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