almost packed and ready to go
As I suspected, packing for CHA turned into an all day event.

Figuring out what supplies to bring for the demos and what I want to demo was the longest part. I am so used to packing for teaching workshops, that this required a whole different mind set, since this time *I* will be the one making the artwork - with people watching me no less -yipes!

Whenever I am packing it always makes me think of things I feel need to get done around the house. Like, oh I should clean my make-up brushes, I need to hem my jeans, I should fill the bird feeders. Why this always happens, I have no idea. Maybe I feel like I need to get everything "just so" in order to leave.

Tomorrow will be crazy.

I'll finish up packing and some errands, then clean the house (I am a nut about cleaning the house before we leave on trip) then we'll take Little T over to my mom and dad's house. Then get all the instructions ready for the cat sitter, then collapse and get ready to leave the house at 4am on Monday morning. Whew I am tired already.

We'll try and post some photos Monday night! See you soon!
good luck- rock the house!! :)
ohhh CHA how fun. I had to pass on that this year :( Your work is amazing and just wanted to stay the obvious :)

You'll have left already when you get this, but have a fantastic time!!
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