class started today
Today was the first day of my online class- Composition For Collage with Big Picture Classes. We are having a blast in the message boards and students are already positing their artwork (I comment on every single post with ideas, suggestions and encouragement!)

There is still time to register! Registration doesn't close until August 8th. So hurry on over and sign up!

You'll also want to make sure to stop by the Paper Clipping blog first they have a 10% off discount code for my online class . This workshop started today and ends August 29th and is only $27 (with the discount!) and you get forever access, 4 weeks with me and tips and tricks to make your collages, scrapbooking or journaling amazing!! 

 Click here to grab your discount code, then click here to register for the class! Hope to see you there!
It's only the first assignment, and I've already learned how to improve my composition! Even after one lesson, I find myself looking at old collages & seeing what I could've done better. Thanks, Claudine!
thank you so much Kathy!! so glad you are enjoying it already!
That sounds great fun - I'm off to sign up! :) Thank you!
Like Kathy I am already understanding where I can improve.
I took your bees wax class a while back and have been creating encaustic collages since then! My problem has been in composition. It's hit and miss at best. And sometimes I don't know when to stop adding things. So watching you clean up that collage piece was very helpful!

Well I am so glad I signed up! I absolutely love creating templates and ideas flow non-stop, but when it comes to creating a picture or a finished piece I often don't know where to start or feel the finished piece hasn't come together properly. This course has already taught me loads, and I woke up this morning with my head buzzing with collages! Thank you Claudine. :)
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