my dad
Here's a photo of my dad that I just had to share with you. He just found it and sent it with me and I had never seen it before. This was taken when he was about 33 and was working on an airport design.  Very cool retro glasses dad!

I love seeing the models of the terminal in the front. And the little people! See the little people hugging good-bye? oh what I would give to have some of those little people and the airport models too.
An airport architect for many years, my dad was featured in an article recently about the 30 year anniversary of the Orlando International Airport, along with my godfather John Wyckoff.

And we had very good news about my Dad today. After a month of nail biting waiting, a mass that was found on my dad's lung has turned out to be scar tissue from his lung cancer treatment last year. We are so relieved. It was a very scary few weeks waiting for the new tests to happen!
Uber cool picture! Such wonderful health news, too!
This is a wonderful picture of your dad! I am so glad to hear that you received good news after a couple of stressful weeks.

It is obvious where you got at least some of your talent! I just bought some of your new stamps - LOVE!!!
A great photo of your Dad. My brother is an architectural model maker,so I am used to seeing the models and the little people as he makes them himself. Excellent news about your dad and I completely understand the anguish of waiting.
Sooooo happy to hear the good news about your dad!
What a cool picture of your dad!!! Now I see where you get some of your creative thought. :) I hope you're having a good week. <3 Candy
So glad to hear you got good news about your dad's health...I love the picture...he is adorable...if he had long hair he'd look Johnnie Deppish...all good things, e'layne
Neat picture. And YAY for scar tissue!
How cool is that about the airport? Also, glad you got good news about your Dad's health!
That is wonderful news, so happy for all of you. What a relief for sure.
What a neat picture - so glad that he's alright - what a relief!
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