back home from the CHA winter show
I am back home from the CHA Winter Show!

What a whirlwind show. I was demoing so much I only had 2 hours to race around and see as many booths as I could. But I caught up on Suze Weinberg's blog (she has the best recap of CHA ever) and now I feel like I saw the whole show!

The trip out to CHA was a little hairy, flights canceled, then re-booked. But I wore my lucky travel shirt and I made it there! I had a good book, yummy snacks and I was set!

We stayed at the Hotel Figueroa which looks WAY fancier on their web site than it is in real life. It's a place could be best described as kooky. But it was fun to stay a different place even if it did send me into sneezing fits. I think all that drapery was put there 30 years ago and never dusted.

We also had added bonuses... look sanitary drinking cups! A "plus feature"! And we were also told it was haunted. Carmi and Bonnie both heard screams in the night. Hotel ghost? Or just crazy LA people near the Staples center? We'll never know!

The day before the show started Tim Holtz, Wendy Vecchi, Dyan Reaveley and I all taught a class together.

We each had 30 minutes for our segment and here's what the 100 students made in my segment using my stamps and paints with Ranger.

Then it was onto the show! I'm getting ready to demo at the Ranger booth!

Here's a video from Noell Hyman of Paperclipping Roundtable. She did a little chat about my new products out at the show with Ranger!

And here's a little demo filmed by Simon Says Stamp. I didn't know we were filming so I was just chatting away! I show a little demo how to stamp using my acrylic paints and clear stamps on the rock-a-blocks. Here's a link to the Simon Says Stamp Blog.

So another CHA Show all done! It always feels like summer camp. Catching up with friends, making new ones etc.... looking forward to seeing everyone at the Summer show in Chicago. I have lots of work to get done that piled up while I was away!

I'm home for a week then onto Florida to teach at the Art League of Bonita Springs! 2 spaces left if making art in beautiful Florida weather is sounding tempting :)

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Great update! Wish I could have been there... that one CHA has ruined me for life, now I *always* want to be there! :) Love your new stamps!
great photo of you and so glad the show was a hit for you!
The videos were really helpful and I love the black t shirt design. You have really converted me to foam stamps Claudine, before seeing yours I rather had my nose in the air to using foam stamp!
I love the black shirt design!
Claudine, I'm catching up on reading your blog, and I've got to ask--where did you get the necklace you're wearing in the photo above? Love it! Thanks.
Hey steph - the necklace came from :)
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