illustration friday: dusty
I've posted this before but these dollhouse artworks fit so well for this weeks  illustration friday theme of  "dusty" I had to post again!


For this piece Betty is vacuuming and of course the kitty runs beneath the "dusty" bed as soon as the vacuum comes out! Our Mabel cat was the model for this kitty.


I can't wait to get back and play with more dollhouse project artworks. The past few weeks have been so busy I haven't had much play time!

have a great weekend everyone!

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I haven't been by in a while, what a fun sight - 3-D work! I had to giggle, this week's topic made me a bit itchy and I ended up vacuuming too. ;-)

Love this...especially the kitty waiting to catch stray 'bunnies.'
oh what a great piece Claudine!!!! I love the cute kitty cat under the bed!!!
Wonderful work Claudine!!
Love the technique, fab illustration, need to see more B-]
I love that it's 3D! So cool!
Simply wonderful, Claudine!!
I love the fact that it is 3D!... fun colors too! Almost look like fun to vacuum. For her anyway!!
Love Mabel cat under the bed :),but if she's anything like my cat in real life I bet she freaks out at the vacuum cleaner.
I love the kitty under the bed -- just like my house except my vacuum would never actually fit under the bed and there would be several dust bunnies and kitty fur ball tumbleweeds under there!! ; )

pink and green mama,

P.S I adore your work and own several of your books and books your work has been featured in -- we are kindred artistic souls and I also live in the greater Metro area (Native NoVA girl who never left!)
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