new online class!
I have a new online class available! The class will start May 18th! Because it is an online class you do not have to be present to attend, if your schedule doesn't allow you to check in each night, you can simply download the class PDF and take the class at your own pace.

This will be a 5 day class called "Home is Where the Art Is" A photo of what we'll be making is to the right!

here's the class description:

Home is Where the Art Is
Explore mixed media techniques along with Claudine Hellmuth! In this 5 day online class you will learn 12 different mixed media techniques that you can easily incorporate into your scrapbooking layouts, journals or mixed media projects.

At the end of the class you'll assemble all the technique pieces into a wall hanging so that you can display it in your home!

For beginners through advanced, this class is a perfect introduction to working with acrylic paints and mediums, with new and exciting techniques for those who are already familiar with these materials.

Claudine will be there checking in to guide you through learning each of these new techniques, and there will be a one hour online chat with on Wednesday May 20th at 9pm EST. Claudine will be available to answer your questions through out the class and a complete PDF will be ready to download at the end of class so you can play along at your own pace.

  • Is this class open to International students? - YES! That's what is so great about online classes no matter where you are you can take it!
  • Do I have to buy all Claudine Hellmuth Studio products to take the class? No you don't. You can take the class, see what we are making and then decide which products you would like to buy or if you want to make the projects using items you already have at home. It is up to you!
  • Do I have to be "present" each day to take the class? no you don't! you can check in each evening or just on the last day of the class on the 22nd and download the full PDF to create at your leisure!
  • When does the class start? Monday May 18th
  • How much is the class? Only $14.95!!! WOW!!
  • I can't find the supply list. here's the link to download!
  • I can't find all the supplies on the the supply list.Don't worry! You don't need to purchase everything on the supply list to take the class. I will talk about options and substitutions, many of the times you probably already have and can adjust to work. You can sign up for the class and then decide what you want or need to purchase from there. I'll work with you to make it work!
If you have any other questions just post them in the comments and I will answer! All this for only $14.95!! Ready to sign up? Click here to register!

Here's the direct link to the supply list. You do not need all these supplies, feel free to get creative, but these will be the supplies I will be using in the class!

EDITED 5/05/09 4:00PM EST

***Bonus ***
Enter to win a free attendance to the class! Leave a comment to this blog post and one winner will be chosen at random May 11th at 5pm EST for free admission to the class!! WOW!

EDITED 5/11/09 5:30PM EST
contest is now closed, I am selecting a winner using number generator. Will post results soon!

The winner that was selected by the number generator is Cameron! Cameron email me and I will get you all set up to take the class!

thanks everyone for playing! you can still sign up for the class, at only $19.95 for 5 days of instruction and over 12 + techniques! Hope to see you there!


i would love to take the class but am away from may 19-23. is it possible to download the full pdf afterwards (class ends on the 22nd)? or do you offer the class again later this year?
Yay, I can finally take one of your classes from Germany! I registered. :)
Yay! I finally get to take one of your classes! I registered last night, and have a question...I couldn't find a supply there one available and I missed it or do I need to be a bit patient? I'm trying...but SO excited to learn some new techniques and I already own all your new studio line! Hugs!
Marlis - the download link stays active for a week or so after the class ends. So you can download when you get back!

Anita - the supply list is a little hidden, here is the link to download!
Claudine - finally, I can take a class with you :-) ... it may not be in person, but I know it will be personal ... YAY. So excited for May 18 to arrive. Thank you - Davielle in California (I'm a big fan of Bernie's, and I think the blog/website you created for her is BEAUTIFUL - thank you for doing that).
thanks claudine. i registered :-)
Hi Claudine from London!

I just found out about your online class on the 18th! I'm so excited about it! It's the first time to take one of your classes and I can't wait!

I 've got one question for you though since I can't register right now...and I don't want to miss it!

Is there any deadline or attendants' number limitation for the registration or it's open for as many as they wish to join until -let's say- a day before the class takes pace?

Thank you for sharing your ideas and techniques with us from abroad! :)

Hope to hear form you soon!


hi there!! people can register right up until the class takes place!!
What an awesome opportunity as well as an awesome deal!!! I am so excited to be taking one of your classes!! Color me happy!!!
A free class admission! What a great chance. Took your last online class from SIS and it was fabulous! I know I will sign up for this one even if I dont win! You classes are so great!
Awsome!! :)

Thank you Claudine!

Claudine, I just registered! Looking forward to this class. Thank you!
Hi Claudine,
I definitely taking this class! Can't wait!
What a great gift! Thanks, Claudine!
saw your post on facebook for the giveaway - so i'm posting for a chance! i picked up some of your paints and the peelable canvas while at Artnsoul; so it will be fun to start working with the products.
Oh boy! Hope I'm the lucky winner!! I would love to take this class!
What a great idea and super price! I think I told you before how much I love your new paint line. I almost have all the colors!
I love your stuff. I am hoping one day you come to Jersey to teach a class :)
What a wonderful opportunity! <3

sounds super fun. Please toss my name in the hat for a chance to win a free admission. I will have to find a place to pick up your products though.... Happy Day!
What a wonderful idea!
Hi Claudine! Please enter me in your class drawing!
oh fun! enter me if you don't mind! I really want to take an inperson class someday...
Ouhhhhh what a wonderful class. I'd love to win. It would so help me get out of my creative block and lift my spirits. Just had to have a D&C today from a pregnancy that didn't make it. . . so I need something really special to lift my spirits.
Me, me, me....hope I win, if not then I will just have to purchase....can't wait!!!!!
I've never done an online class btu I have always wanted to! this one sounds like the perfect one to try! Sounds like SO much fun!
Please enter me in the contest! I would love to take one of your classes!
OH Claudine, I love all your wonderful paints, gesso, multi medium, sticky back canvas and your brushes are my favorite so I would LOVE to be able to use them in your class. Pick me! lol (I'm in, even if you don't.)
Peace & Love,
Ok a free online class would be AMAZING. Thanks for the opportunity!
How nice of you. Wouldn't it be fun to win.

This looks like a great class :)
Would love to do this! Yay!

Kelly K.
clever, creative idea from a clever, creative and very busy artist.
I'd love to attend this class. I'm trying to learn a bit of mixed media. Thank you for the chance!
Just saw your tweet. :) Sounds like fun. I love online classes! Looking forward to it.
So glad you're doing this. I am just discovering mixed media. It's so fun and relaxing!!
Hey chickie! I'd love to win!

Have a safe trip to your next classes! :)
Sounds like fun!!!
I would love to win a spot..been wondering what to do with all your cool new products anyway.
The class sounds fab!
This looks fun. I would love to take this. Thanks!
Sounds like a lot of fun! I need a creative boost right now :) too much work and no play lately!
I'd love to win this class with you, Claudine! I've been a long time fan but have no $$$ at the moment for anything artzy. Fingers crossed!
I love you Claudine!! Thanks for the chance!
Hi Claudine! Your line of paints are fabulous and I am so keen to attend the mix media class that you are conducting! Love your artistic works!
oh, i would love this class. please enter me. :)

will you be offering it again in the future? (you know, just in case. :D)
ooo i'd love to win a space in the class, please!
Would love to win this!

Wow! This class looks like a lot of fun!

Thanks for offering the giveaway!
This class sounds fun! Thanks for the chance to win. Kris Tence
oooh... I would REALLY love to take this class! I've had your paints on my wish list for a while now.. maybe if I win, I can convince my hubby that I NEED them! I love your work!
Hooray! I am in either way. I'm also sending it along to a few friends so we can maybe do it together. Can't wait!! And thank you for offering it at such an affordable price right now.
love challenges! I am visualizing myself winning a spot in your class! Thanks for making my day more fun!
Seriously?! I had already planned on signing up for the class, but I'm glad I waited. I even bought the jump rings for the project today.

I'm so bummed you won't be at Inspired but I'm happy I got to see you last month! :) And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take this class!
Your class sounds great and the flexibility of taking it online makes it much more do-able for me.
Would love to win! hugs from Conroe, TX!
thanks for tweeting this! I didn't know about your classes and I'm so excited to discover them. Yesssss!
Hi Claudine,
You are so kind to offer the giveaway. Thank you for coming up with this online class. I know it will be wonderful.
Hi Claudine,
Love the look of that project, and would enjoy taking another class online with you.
Yay! Would love to learn how to make this adorable piece of art!! Thank you for inspiring so many people!
*crossing my fingers* I am in desperate, desperate need of a creative-kick-in-the-pants. This class would be magical for me.
Pick me, pick me!!! I'm going to wait and see if I'm the lucky one that gets the free admission. If not I'll be signing up anyway. It was great to meet you in person at Art and Soul. I LOVED BOTH CLASSES.
I would love to take a class with you but can't afford it right now... winning it would be so awesome, thanks for the opportunity! :D
Awesome Claudine, that is a great price and I love the idea of an online class. What a treat!
Yea! Another Claudine class. I loved the other ones. Your techniques are so much fun. I can't wait for this class to start.
I'd love to win a spot for the class!
Oh pick me - pick me, lol.
The class sounds great! You are great teacher - I took beeswax collage from you in Portland, a few years back - great fun!
I'm so excited to have the opportunity to take on of your classes!
I would love to win the class because I have all your paints and they need to be opened and used - LOL!
FUN!! Sounds like a great class (ahhh online class sounds like heaven to this mother of 3 that doesn't leave Southeast TX often LOL)!! Thanks for a great giveaway....crossing my fingers :)
Yay, an online class! Love your work and have been very inspired by your Collage Discovery Workshop book. I just made a list of your products that I want to buy and tucked it with my Michaels coupon to go and get this week! I would love to be entered into the drawing for your class. You should come to Seattle to teach classes too! XOXO
Well, I would LOVE to take this class! Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot, very cool!
Claudine, I was lucky enough to take a class from you at Queen's Ink...You are such an inspiration and I would love to continue to learn with you.
ooh, this is super exciting! i have both of the collage discovery books, and i love them. the techniques i learned in them are some of my top favourites!
I'd love to take the class for free!
Very cool class! This would make a great addition to my wall :-)
wow what a great class and chance to do it online, how fun. I just think I will have to clear my calendar! LOL
I would love to win! FUN
Ooooh Oooh OOOH I would love to do an online class with you! Please pick me pick me! I think it's a fabulous idea for you- we get more Claudine- you get more home/family time and less travel time! And I am feeling very home oriented myself right now- so I LOVE the theme! Thanks for the opportunity! Here's hoping!
smokin! New to checking blogs--so glad I found yours -- I'm enjoying using your paints to color my own backgrounds in my hawaiian scrapbook -- looking forward to learning more from you
Oh I love your paints and mediums. And taking an online class from you would be awesome!
Oh I shamelessly hope I win this as I SO want to take your class!!!
I cross my fingers, I cross my toes, I make noodles in my hair, moodles in my handkerchief !! Please please please pick me!
Claudine, please enter my name in the hat! I'd love to take another Claudine class!
Andi Hinkle
I would love a chance to win. I asked my daughter for your paints for mother's day. I think she took the hint! Thanks.
Thanks so much for the giveaway, would hope to get a chance to attend the class :)
Hi Claudine! I love it that you are doing online classes!
Claudine - you are wonderful and such a great inspiring teacher. I loved my class with you at Queen's Ink! Hoping you have a boat load of people sign up for this one! Marlynn
What a fabulous and generous give-a-way! I'd love to be entered and Win! :o)
I have taken all your classes but would LOVE to win this free class!!! :)

Yay for a class giveaway...I would love to win!!!
I would love to take your class. I sure hope I win the free spot. Thanks
I am all paid up because I rarely win anything ... I am looking forward to laerning yummy things from you Claudine on the 18th!

Spread the word ... online classes are a fab idea ... see if you can persuade T!mmy, the crafting god, to do one too :0))
Hi -- I've signed up for your class (because I also rarely win anything & I don't want to miss it) & I'm trying to get the supplies -- what shape is the Magenta Peel off stickers POM565? I've been shopping the internet & nothing's coming up -- thanks
I've watched your DVDs and love them. I'm happy to know that you're venturing in to online classes. This would be a wonderful opportunity.
I would love to win this class, count me in!
I love the idea of online classes. I've never been able to make it to an art retreat so this is a wonderful way for me to learn new techniques. Thanks, Claudine.
benandme at mindspring dot com
I am glad to see you teaching an online class and that it's so affordable! I took a class with you in Raleigh at ARt of the Carolinas and thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's hoping I win!

edie in Zebulon
What a generous offer and one I couldn't pass this project, it's adorable. Wish me luck :).
I love your techniques, Claudine. I'm signing up! See you in class.
Lorie in Phoenix
Your class for free---what could be better than that!
woohoo! I'd LOVE to be in your online class. :) thanks for the chance!!
I just stumbled upon your site after looking around for visual journals and studio journals info. I have your collage discover book - incredibly informative! Thank you!
What a great idea, Claudine! And affordable, thank you for that!
I am in...would love to win this class from you Claudine - its really only second though to getting to take one in person some day.
Fantastic , at last a class for us overseas fans, craving for some artistic inspiration. Thank you.
Plesae enter my name to win the free class, what a treat that would be!
Happy days,
Ooooh! How amazing! I'd love the chance to win a free class from you!
I've been some of your products and am very interested in learning more.
Wow, I would love to take this class. I get a small "allowance" each month for scrapbooking and other crafting, and I've already spent it on some of your paints. :) I love your style and would love to learn more!
What a great learning experience.
Cool that you are doing an online class-that seems to be a trend now~good luck!
That is so cool! I can't wait to take your class. It's been a while since I've done any painting, so it's time for a little creativity!!
I am so excited to TAKE a class instead of teach one, for a change! I haven't had a chance to take a class for a while and the online option makes that available for me. :-)

I've paid for the class, but where do I download from on 5/18? Your blog or the "sis" website? Will your blog include a link back to that website on the 18th?
Thanks Claudine for the opportunity to take a class with you from over the ocean!!! The project loks awesome. Cheers, Sue (in Oz).
CLAUDINE - I have already registered for the class; JUST WONDERING where to find the SEI scrapbook paper ("Lovebirds" print)? AND what are the "magenta peel off stickers" (POM565) - "in any color" ??? I'm trying to get all my supplies laid in before 5/18! Thanks - Davielle in CA
YOU CAN E-MAIL ME AT: if you like
Would LOVE an opportunity to take a class from you.
Would love to win a space in your class! Love your art!
Thanks for offering a free spot in your online class! i'd be thrilled to win!
Any chance to win one of your classes is always a great thing!

Thanks for the opp!
Pats D MWL
Hope to be the lucky one! But if not, I will be interested in other on-line classes! Thanks for the opportunity!
I'm almost done teaching, and I'd love the chance to be a student for awhile!
Hope I am the big lucky winner!
Claudine, I hope to be in one of your classes in person someday but online will work till then! Thanks!!!
I would LOVE to take this class with you!
Sounds like a great class!
Saw this on Twitter!! thanks for the chance ;)
Thanks for doing a giveaway.....hope it's me!
it's going to be hard to work today with my fingers crossed.
I would love to be entered, Claudine. Thanks for the opportunity!

Stacy Alexander
I thought I "threw my paintbrush in the ring" on the first day but don't see, here I am! Pick me, pick me (as she waves her hand madly in the air)
Looks fun! I would love to "attend".
i just saw your 'tweet' about the class and give-away...pick me! pick me! I love your style! Lauri
This is Fabulous!! I love it!!! So Unique & Expressive!!
Hi Claudine! I read your announcement about this class through you tweet today! how wonderful! I have been a fan of yours for years and would love to win the opportunity to take an on line class from you. pick me, pick me. Hugs - Marci
*waving*-love to enter the chance to win a spot in your class-thanks so much!
i would love a chance to win. i've been wanting to sign up but am unable to afford at the moment but keep watching/saving for the chance when i can. hugs, rachel
Please pick me, pick me! Love your blog and all the work you do! Thanks for offering the online class and a chance to win it for free!
Never taken an online art class, it's sounds like fun!

I love your art. In one word,"fun." I would love to win the online class. Cheers!

Jennifer Coy
love your class sample for this!!!

karen in
An online class ?? what a great idea !! Yes please !!
Love that you are doing an online class! It just works so much better for so many people! :-)
Oh Oh OH I want to win an online class from you Claudine. What fun! I am waving my arms here...see me!
Ahhh. If only I could see you in Bonita Springs! Thanks for the chance to learn from one of the best!
What a wonderful birthday month present this would be!! Love it!
I'm so glad I caught this. I loved your style of teaching in person at Queens Ink and this would be wonderful to win.
Oohh, it would be fun to win on my birthday!
Oh fantastic! Please add my name for the online class drawing!! Thanks!
jackie smith
Eeks. How exciting would this be?? Thanks for sharing it with a lucky winner.
ohhhh...I would love to win a chance at one of your courses!!!!
I enjoyed your last SiS class, and would love to take this one, too! Thanks for the opportunity!
I'm excited just thinking I could win a wonderful class of yours. Thank you for offering!
I wasn't able to take a class from you at Art & Soul last week, so I am thrilled that you are offering an on-line class. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!
HOORAY!!!! I'm so excited to win this class! I can't wait to take it and learn more great techniques from you, Claudine! :)
EVERYONE - I had a couple notes from Claudine re: SUPPLIES for the class. She asked me to share with everyone, so I hope you see this post if you need answers:

for the Stickers, I wouldn't worry about getting the exact brand, you can even make your own stickers using tape and punches, it's just to create a mask. I explain it in detail. Not to worry!!

Here's a link to the love birds paper:

Davielle - can you pass along the above info to your friends who are also taking the class for me? I don't want anyone to be stressed about the supply list! It's just a suggested list. I think it would be more fun to work with what you have and adjust the techniques to your supplies you have already!

HOPE THE SUPPLY INFO HELPS :-) -- Davielle, a fellow online class student
Thanks Davielle!
Claudine, I have a dumb question: on Monday, the 18th, what direct link do we go to, to "enter" class? And about what time does it officially start? Thank you.
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