snow day
Last night it snowed and snowed and we ended up with about 6 inches! Which is a lot for DC. The city was pretty quiet today, as usual DC likes to shut down when there any measurable amount of snow. it was very quiet out this morning!

I grabbed the camera when I took Toby out so I could capture our little Florida doggie enjoying the snow.


I thought he would be all surprised by the snow, but he didn't seem to like or not like it - he mostly ignored it. The only time he expressed emphatically that he didn't like it was when the wind blew snow drifts into his face. I didn't like that part either! I am so glad I got to see Toby in the snow at least once! Yay for the March snowstorm!


Hi Claudine...I wish we got snow from time to time but we don't here in Cali unless you go up towards Nevada. When I hear about the east coast getting pummeled by snow, I wish I could be in the midst of it...throwing a snowball, looking out the window at the falling snow. For some reason, that brings me a homey feeling. One I yearn for. Not to say that my rainy days here that we are having aren't cozy, but there's something about that snow that makes me wish I was there...:) Your dog is adorable! Thanks for sharing. :) ~Priscilla~
He is the cutest thing EVER! Fuzzy wuzzy little cutie!
i don't know, he looks perplexed to me.
He is SUCH a cutie!! :)
YAY for Toby getting to see some snow. He's too cute.
Peace & Love,
I am also glad you got to share this moment with Toby. Enjoy every single little one! xoxo to Toby and you. Marlynn
He is adorable!!!
Love all the little paw prints around him!

he looks so cute in the snow...and i'm glad that he has so much nice hair to keep him warm!! :)
Awww such a cute picture, I am glad you both were able to experience this moment.
Hope Toby's feeling good today. I ran across this mention of you on this blog I read.
Awww, what an adorable pup pup! He looks like he is fitting in with the snow quite well though. Cute pic.
Toby and snow - perfect together ! (But now Im ready for it to go away...we got 10 inches)
what a little cuttie patootie!
Another special moment with Toby. Thanks for sharing it with us. Toby is also lucky to live with two such loving people as you and Paul (as we both know so many creatures are not so lucky). I've been in your shoes and so I'm sending comforting thoughts and prayers to your entire family--all the two and four-legged ones!
Big hugs and love,
Rebecca in Vermont who reads your blog often, but doesn't comment much--still on dialup! aargh.
Love your work and have your DVD, one of your books and your brushes (hoping to get some more of the Studio line soon).
Toby, you are so sweet. I want to hug you.
what a total sweetheart! Love him to pieces!
Awwww what a cutey !
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