we're in second place!
As of this posting A Place to Bark is in second place for the Network for Good grant of $50,000!! yay!!! Keep tabs on A Place to Bark's badge progress here.

Bernie is SO grateful for the outpouring of support from EACH and EVERYONE of you!!! We couldn't do this without your help! One $10 donation per person is all it takes. Thank you for spreading the word to everyone you know!!!

Thank you to everyone helping to support Bernie in saving the lives of all these wonderful animals!
She saved over 500 dogs and kitties last year alone. Imagine how much she can do with the backing of a grant! Visit A Place to Bark's Blog here!

How to Donate:
here's the badge to donate from:

(to post this badge to your blog click the "share tab" to get the code)



What a wonderful charity! I have added the Badge to my blog. Having adopted a 10 year old Samoyed almost 7 years ago, Cleo is still going strong, I know the joy of adopting a mature pet. I hope it makes #1. I wanted to donate annually as well but on the site it doesn't take Canadian donations.
All the best and thank you for sharing your creative life!
I've been keeping tabs on the totals and am SO thrilled with the generosity of so many people towards Bernie's (and everyone's) efforts to save the critters! Thanks, Claudine, for all you have done in helping Bernie 'grow' her generous heart and facility into helping so many sweet and loving beings.
hugs from Medford, oregon - Corinne (Stubson)
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