project runway party!
I worked super crazy hard today to get everything done so now I can enjoy a Project Runway party. I missed the last few from being sick so I am really glad I am finally well enough to join in on the fun! Tonight I'll be going over to Lynn and John's house with Martha + Larry to watch the episode AND play along in a Project Runway challenge hosted by John. What can I make with duct tape and paper? We'll see!

See you tomorrow!

The Project Runway Party was so much fun! I have not had that much fun in a long time! John put random items on a table: paper plates, colored tissue, duct tape, pipe cleaners, pens, newspaper. Then he told us we had to make a hat for ourselves and one for Smudge (their Labrador retriever). We had 45 minutes to work. John even made a "Tresmme Hair and makeup room" complete with wigs and funny glasses to add when we modeled our designs. Lynn and I were a team. Larry and Martha were a team. Matthew and Rachel Cornell were another team. Martha took photos so when I get them I will post a couple.

We all thought Victorya was being really passive aggressive , I think she's this season's Wendy Pepper. We had our money that Ricky would be the one out. I was sad to see Chris go. In my mind he was this season's Jay.


Hi Claudine,
I have had the pleasure of meeting one of the designers on this series "Carmen" she is so beautiful , the TV didn't do her justice, her clothes are Fabulous,
she works at a place where I sell my jewelry.
she's a very elegant lady too bad she was voted off.
it's still one of my favorite shows.
And, wouldn't you know it. I missed it again. Sigh.
So Claudine, what did you make with duct tape and paper? what kind of paper? how was the party?!

Know you are swamped, hope you don't have to renew your driver's license like I did! Fortunately no tests! take care!
oh my gosh! i am so envious! this sounds like the most fun! i don't watch much t.v. but i am obsessive about PR! as soon as it is over i am wishing the next one would begin. i can't wait to see the photos from the party! fun, fun, claudine!!
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