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Lots of work and running around today catching up after my trip to NJ. I saw this animation on cute overload and just have to post it. Anyone with a cat will appreciate this!

(safe for work)

The animator and director is Simon Tofield. Love it!

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They really are evil little babies, aren't they???
I knew that wasn't going to end well...lolololol...can you share why you went to ranger's?? a member of the team?/ etc. smiles, andra
HA! Loved it...I'll have to send this to my brother who has two cats that do this to him every morning!
Hilarious! I have three cats so I really loved this. Thanks!
glad you guys like the little video I have watched it 100 times now!

I went to ranger to learn more about their product line, will be demoing at their booth at CHA so wanted to get some new product ideas to show in feb! yay!
I put this on my blog too at the weekend its just so darn funny & true! LoL Now i know what my kitties are up to! He He Can't wait to see what you come up with using the ranger stuff. seeya hugya *G*
That video was so hysterical and true...I laughed so hard I had a coughing fit! Which sounds bad, of course, but was funny. Meanwhile, Tilly kept looking around for the cat she was hearing and Lola just looked at me (from my lap) like, "Would you please stop coughing? You're shaking my bed."
Veeeeeeery funny! Somehow I missed that one. I try to visit CO daily, that is, when my cats permit me to use the keyboard!!!Right now my big fella, Teddy, is doing everything in his power to distract me, by slowly swatting every object on my desk onto the floor, one by one! I also have a cat, Cali, who does the whole wake-up routine, too! Gotta love 'em!
Love your blog!
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