Martha Stewart show!
The Martha Stewart show went by without a hitch (or so I am told - I have almost no memory of it). Paul tells me I did a great job and I can not wait to see it so I can see what I said! Photo to the right is of my Mom's office TV.

Thank you everyone who posted comments to me today I was so tickled to read them all!! I think all your good vibes helped me because I wasn't nervous once the segment started. As soon as I started talking the nerves went a

I was thrilled to see I was on t
he show with Marc Morrone the pet guy. I am so sad to hear his baby parrots that got stolen, what nasty people! grrr! But it was a thrill to see him and his other pets on the set. You all know how much I love animals. It was torture that I couldn't snuggle them! There was that sweet pug and those kittens! oh my!

I love how much Martha loves animals. Paul was sitting in the audience and he told me that before Martha filmed the segment with Marc she climbed right in there with all the animals snuggling the parrots and the critters not worrying at all about her outfit. Love that!

I only got to meet Martha right before my se
gment and then said a couple words afterwards to her because she was off to finish the last segment of the show. But I loved getting to spend time in her space and had a super time. I do remember having a great time. I do not remember much about what I said or did. I do recall them holding up the cue card for me to wrap it up and for a moment I thought, oh no I have to hurry, but then next thing it was over!

Paul managed to take a few pics while we were practicing before the show, for some reason these are a touch blurry I think our camera is dying!

my dressing room (Paul's reflection in the mirror)

Marc Morrone setting up all his pets!

On the set at practice time, holding my notes,
I am trying to remember everything and worrying I will forget a crucial step!

The Martha Stewart Craft Room set, some of my artworks are in place for the segment!

Thanks to the gals who let me know that if you missed the show today you can catch it (Thursday at 8pm EST or Friday at Noon EST) on the Fine Living Network. Also the Martha Stewart Web Site should post video soon. I will let you know when it is up!

Ok I am off to bed! what an incredible day this was!!!

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CLAUDINE!!! just watched your segment on tivo w/my hubby and best friend whilst eating bday cupcakes - a GREAT day today! you were AWESOME, you were simply AMAZING!!!!! thanks for inspiring me over and over again. cheers to you! HUGE hugs, rach
you did a super job, claudine. i was smiling from ear to ear watching you be your truly adorable self. i love that martha always gets so into the crafts. she was really working that gel medium! i hope you are so proud of yourself because you should be.
claudine! waited all day to watch you on Martha at 2 p.m. (such an odd time), so afraid I'd get side tracked and miss it. Worth the wait - you were great! Played it for Jack just now, and having never seen you in a workshop he was dazzled by how calm and professional you are (natch!).
We loved seeing the photos Paul took that you posted - thank you Paul!!! So glad he was there with you and love his view of it all!
Also your Mom's posts/updates during the day with everyone's as they got to see it!
What? No cuddling with the critters?! I thought surely one of those kits or pups would end up going home to FL!
Enjoy the rest of your trip, celebrate and enjoy NYC!
all the best from here.....
Karen & Jack
Dude! I missed it, I was taping Quilting Arts TV in Ohio and forgot to set the DVR. Maybe it'll make it's way to youtube.
The Donkey's were an excellent touch!
You were awsome and didn't seem a bit nervous...How exciting for you...did you get some plum tart? It looked yummy
Ooooh they will post the segment on the Martha Steward website? Really?! I hope so - I really want to see the show! Please post in your blog if and when they do put it up on their website.
Thanks for sharing all the photos and for including us in your wonderful experience. What a thrill for you and for all of us who admire you. 3 cheers !!!
I wanted to watch, but our area just recently took Martha off the programming schedule.
I will be sure to watch the video when it is posted online.
So glad that all went well. I knew it would.
You will have more hits than ever on the blog!!
I've been reading your blog for a while and remember how happy you were to give Martha your picture quite a while back - so congratulations on this huge reward for all your hard work! The Martha Stewart show - gosh, where do you go from here?!!! You're quite an inspiration to my circle of artist friends here in Toowoomba, Australia!
I was at work so I missed it, but I'll catch it tonight!!! How exciting. You look perfectly poised, like you do this every day!!!
You did wonderful!! I was so excited for you--like you were my real sister or something.LOL I see your stuff at SiStv and I love it! Very cool! CONGRATS to ya!!
I've never left a comment B4 but I've been following your blog for a little while and saw you on the show (I even wrote it on the caledar to remind myself)... You did a GREAT job. Congrats!!! What an exciting opportunity!! Also, I am hoping to make the project as well. It would be fun to do with my 6 yr. old.
:) Rachel
Your segment on the Martha Stewart show yesterday was great! I called my mother in California and told her to watch the show because "The woman who did that sweet sketch and the sitting poppet of me was going to be on TV!" I think it's so cool that I have a couple of your original works!
You look fabulous! I wonder why this episode didn't air here (Dallas TX) yesterday. Weird. Hopefully it will next week!
You were just precious - very well done!!!
Congrats! You did a great job! Nice and clam!

Oh- I totally saw your toes! (Your have a lovely pedicure!)

J a n e
Claudine - I saw the show and you were great! You seemed like a pro and didn't look or sound nervous at all. You made it seem so easy. Great job!
You're a pro! And the shirt you had on looked great on camera and was a perfect contrast with the set. Thanks also for giving the template for marthastewart online. You are a true artist and to give away your work like that- may it come back to you tenfold!
Way to go, Claudine! I watched the segment and you did a great job. You were poised, beautiful, funny and you seemed very relaxed.

I'm so happy for you...I'm sure this will really shoot your career into the stratosphere, as if it wasn't already there! xo
You were beautiful, and so eloquent. Really a fantastic job. I hope you get so much business and exposure from this as an artist. Much deserved. And you're so gracious to give those templates away and teach your methods. I really believe you'll get much in return for giving much away. So happy for you! I hope you're just as thrilled with yourself when you watch it.
You were great, Claudine! Everything went smoothly and your project is something that will appeal to everyone. Congratulations!
You are my hero! I'm so impressed that you achieved your dream of being on Martha! I have the same dream & you give us all hope. You did a wonderful job. Congratulations!
Hummm, I think you may be good enough to host your own craft show?? I DVR-ed it so I can show hubby who was out of town. The collage you did for his birthday has a place of honor in our family room!
Claudine, thanks for posting ALL the updates. Wouldn't you know, with the fall change-ups in programming, I am not getting the show now. I so hope you are correct about the segment being played, someplace, sometime. I'm happy for your exposure to the general viewing audience. Hoorah!
You did a great job! I loved the donkey poppet, it was like bringing a hostess gift to a good friend. Claudine you are an inspiration!
You did such an awesome job. You didn't look nervous at all. Your project was great, you really staged each component well and it was really easy to follow. You should be really proud of yourself. You did a great job on National Television! Whoo hoo!
WELL DONE Claudine! Delightful and darling as always! Congratulations!
xoxx, Renée
I'm so bummed that I screwed up recording the show and that I didn't get to see it. But I knew you'd be wonderful! Yay, Claudine! I am very happy for you.
I said it before, I'll say it again, you were awesome! I think more relaxed than Martha, even!

My mom watched, too and said your segment was the best of the show and should have been the longest! She's a retired art teacher, and said how she'd loved to have taught Sitting Pretties to her 7th grade kids.

I was home sick (never happens)and the ABSOLUTE highlight of my day was seeing your segment on Martha!! How lucky I was! I have been a huge fan of your art since Ali Edwards mentioned you a while back on her blog. CONGRATULATIONS!! You seemed so relaxed and the little "Sitting Pretties" were adorable!
You looked great and your top was so pretty! You didn't look nervous, just happy and enthusiastic (as usual). Excellent job, congratulations!
Congratulations on the show Claudine! I haven't seen it yet but hope too soon.

SO COOL! I am cheering and overwhelmed with excitement for you!
I am so excited for you! Well done and just fabulous as always!! XO
P.S. I agree you should host your own craft show!
I thought you were super great too! Congrats on a job well done!
Great job, my friend! Didn't see any nerves at all! I loved the project and am very proud at this "big step" in your career. Only big and better things to come for you!


P.S. Martha got you name right, wink, wink...
Congratulations again! You did a superb job!!--I am in awe!!

And by the way--what shampoo do you use?--your hair looked fabulous--next appearance...Claudine promoting Pantene!--lol!

You were awesome. :)
I teach a high school Housing and Interior design class and Martha happened to be on during class time so we all watched you! How fun was that to say "I had a class with her!" (Valley Ridge 2003 I think) You looked like you had so much fun and your vivid spirit came through!
Congratulations on a job well done!

Lisa Cook
WOOHOO! Congratulations to you! How totally exciting. I was SO bummed when I realized that I missed it, but so relieved that I still got to see you on the website. You did great and the sitting pretties were SO adorable. Congrats to you!! (I can't wait for my baby to be born and I have a picture of him/her. I'm dying to get a sketch!) :)
Take care -
you looked fantastic! way to go!! i can't even believe you got on that beautiful set. what a dream! your shirt was beautiful and your work was the kind that can be admired, but you were helpful enough to make us want to attempt it ourselves. your colors coordinated so well with martha's stuff. i just think you did such a great job. thanks for sharing your experience with us...even the dressing room!
hey girlfriend...
you ROCKED on Martha!! i tuned in right before you were on. :) see you next month!

big hugs...xoxo
Yay Claudine! You were wonderful! Thank goodness for the internet so I could watch online down here in New Zealand! I'm mega happy for you. Andrea
You did a fabulous job Claudine! What a wonderful opportunity! Your work is so fun and lovely!!! I'm sure this will bring lots of new eyes to your work and create a huge buzz about you. You so deserve it girl! :)
You did a great job Claudine. I loved the show.
Hi Claudine, I finally got a minute to watch my tape of the segment. You did a wonderful job! Yeah!
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