this just finished....
Here's an 11x14 custom artwork that I just finished up of this cute couple and their sweet doggie.

(click image to enlarge)
As you can see the guy is a Florida Gators fan (go Gators!) so managed to work that in with a tiny logo on his shirt. This is the first picnic themed piece in a little while, I have another one in the works now!


how cute, especially the puppy. it makes me want a new lab puppy...but only for a minute. :)
hey claudine, are you still "off" diet coke? i'm trying to "wean" AGAIN. I make it through the first few days of headaches, but then I just "jones" for a diet coke. What do they put in that stuff? If you are still "clean" that means you've been off for some time now, I need some tips. I think they should make a patch. :)

hey there! yes! it's been a whole year of no diet coke for me! what I did for the few few months was to take 2 Excedrin a day to warn off any caffeine headaches. that helped a lot!
sarah -
I gave up diet pepsi over a year ago too - to deal w/ the "jones" try finding a substitute! I wasn't giving up the caffeine, so I switched to iced tea (plain, strong black tea), and now can vary the caffeine by making it half decaf when I want to. I think Claudine switched to Crystal Light?
When I thought of it as a habit finding a substitute made sense.
good luck!
love that the doggie is in there too, looks really great!
thank you, claudine and karen. i've actually been drinking lots of iced tea lately, but i felt that's just replacing one fix for another...and that's just so A.A. but maybe that's really the way to go about it!

i had a professor in college who said Diet Coke put the hormone DHEA in their drinks. that is the hormone that spikes when you first have a crush or fall in love. It makes you not want to sleep, or need to eat (increased energy), it elevates your mood, and in general make you feel good about life and the situations around you. so maybe that's what it is??? maybe he was right, maybe that's why I LOVE Diet Coke so much. :)
I can't wait to get in the mail. Gabe is cute, but he is not a puppy anymore. He is 3 yrs old. =)
What a great scene! Awesome work.
I love this Claudine! I have finally committed to ordering a custom work from you for my 40th! To make myself work for it I decided to have friends give me $2 each for a collage card that I make for them. Just as soon as I finish making the cards I'll be contacting you for a piece. Can't wait!
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