tagged! i'm it!
I was tagged by Jeanne to reveal six weird things about myself. OK here goes!

1) I never believed in Santa Claus not even as a little, little kid. It just wasn't logical I said!

2) I am a total germ-o-phobe. If someone so much as mentions being sick I reach for the airborne.

3) I like to use animal communicators now and then to chat to my pets. I just got done having two GREAT readings with this amazing gal. Wow what a gift she has. There is no way she could have known some of that stuff. Toby and Stan say hi! Mabel you're next!

4)I really want daisy hubcaps for my yellow VW Bug. However if I get them, Paul says he'll never be able to drive my car again.

5)I love getting catalogs in the mail. I read them even it's not for something that I would ever want to buy.

6)I hate getting ready in the morning I try to put it off by staying in my PJs as long as possible.

I tag, Cynthia, Dawn, and Jennifer!


Love your 6 wierd things. I have a VW Beetle too! I've never seen those hub caps though. They are so cute! My hubby is funny about driving my bug...whenever he does drive it, he always takes out the flower I have in the vase and hides it in the glove compartment. Too funny! Thanks for playing along with my little tag game! It was reading your blog that made me start my own.
LOL I put butterfly seat covers on our Toyota (David & I share a car). No wonder why he wants to walk everywhere ;)
I'm also a "stay in pjs as long as possible" type gal. I was tagged with this the other day and am having a hard time just listing 6 things LOL!!!!!!!
I was just thinking this morning how important it is for me to delay getting ready for the day as long as possible...just so I can stay in my jim-jams! Two new pairs arrived in yesterdays mail--what can be better than new pajamas? It's like an ORDER to lounge around! (At the moment, I wear a turquoise number with lovely plaid pants....snort!)
You and I would get on a treat claudine because I'm an infection control officer!!! Twins by osmosis! Love the tea party......did you read my comment!!!!!
much much creativity your to cute
nicole xox
Oh you MUST get the hubcaps!!! They are AWESOME!!! I was tagged for this same thing and I am trying to determine my 6 weird things. I need to just as my husband and daughter. Bet they can whip out more than 6 in the blink of an eye!
Thanks Claudine. I wrote a thank you in my blog too.
I am right there with ya on #6
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