when you are worried...
.... it's not wise to go searching around the internet for answers.

Yesterday I found two lumps on Stan's back, at first I thought they were his ribs pointing out really far - he's just had a big growth spurt and he is really gangly. Then I felt more and noticed they are both on his lower back where he gets his vaccines. He was just vaccinated for the third time a week ago.

So I go searching around the internet for "vaccine, feline and lump" and find dire stories about cancer caused by vaccines.

Then I panic.

I called Bernie, she manged to talk me down from ledge a little, letting me know these reactions happen all the time and are most often not cancer. But I am still a worried mommy. And worst of all was it was Thanksgiving today and the vet wasn't open so I was a nervous nelly all day and it took my full concentration not to keep talking about it because it was all I could think about. I must have asked Paul 100 times if he thought I should call the emergency vet.

I will be calling the vet as soon as they open in the AM. I am so worried about my baby!


Please look at what the 27 major vet teaching universities are advocating, after the initial puppy/kitty vaccines, a 3 year vaccine protocol.

Most vets will not volunteer this info-it hurts their profit levels and they are very scared of this new protocol. I know I worked for a vet.

There are so many sarcoma/cancer related due to vaccines.

I hope your little Stan is fine, but also be an informed consumer.

Hey, I came to check your blog once again n oops its so sad that your kitty is not well.But plz relax. Everything will be fine..
And hey, check out this post on
tom . I hope u'll feel better...

God bless
My beloved cocker had a major lump after her vaccination. It also concerned me and it took quite a while for it to go away. She had a wonderful, healthy life and lived to 17 even though the vet said I was going to kill her because she was overweight. Hope this helps.
I totally understand about the vet not being available, and the worrying that goes along with. I live in a college town and everyone here will be gone until Monday and I'm really hoping that my little fella makes it until then. He seems to have symptoms of a chest cold.

Our weimeraner started developing lumps/masses after her last round of vaccines. It's definately cancer and there are some that are just fatty tumors. I don't think they caused the cancer as she had mast cell tumors in her nairs (sinus') but it probably didn't help things any.

If it's a fatty tumor/cyst they are not attached to the muscle below and can be moved around like little eggs under the skin. They can be painful or not, it depends if they are cysts or not. It could be he developed cysts at the injection site which is not uncommon and they may resolve themselves in a week or so.
In the meantime, take some of Toby's Rescue Remedy and think positive. :o)
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